Psychic Swansea



You are inspiration expressing itself!



I find no greater gift than being present to witness your evolution. I love watching you grow to love yourself, appreciate who you are and to fully allow yourself to have the health, lifestyle and love that you truly deserve.

Without question you are the essence and form of love.

Without question you are inspiration itself in a human shape.

Without question you are built out of the very substance of love and joy.

These principles are the root and center of my journey on this planet. When I use my insight to uplift, enlighten and empower you with a clearer vision of who you really are I often get to witness a deep reawakening happen within you. It is by far my favourite part of any reading I give. To witness you remembering your greatness. I understand how absolutely wonderful you are, I believe one of the reasons I am on this planet is to use what I have been given to help you to do the same.

Big Love

Ryan James xx