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A day to remember...

Well its that time of year again!

Halloween is traditionally a day for remembering those who have passed, where the veil between our world and the countless others is thin. A pagan new year. An ending of one cycle. A welcoming of winter. The traditionalist in me does love a good ritual this time of year, a place where I can say thank you to the spirits that make my life the amazing journey it is. And it is.

I hold so much love in my heart today for my Nanna Elaine and Nanna Jackie, for Grampa Billy and Grandpa Mervyn, for my auntie Gaynor, for Francis and for my dear friend Ailsa. Today I hold all the lessons they taught me with such gratitude and appreciation and do everything in my power to live those lessons thoroughly. The angels that bless my life both physically focussed and the guides in spirit that help me bring more and more light into my being, today is my day to be thankful to them.

It is also a day where you can decide what needs to be released from your life. What needs to be brought into your life. What cycles will you contemplate next? Tonight I will put together an alter and fill it with pictures of my loved ones and choose which parts of me to release next. Choose which part of me should be brought to the surface. Send light, love and magic to all those I feel drawn to this evening.

Write your wish on a piece of paper, burn the paper in a candle flame and bury the ashes near some Ivy. Give thanks to the spirits that paved this path before you and remember those who whisper quietly in our ears. Send light out to your neighbours and ask that they be guided toward their own sense of peace. Send love to your family because they (knowingly or not) made you who you are today. Give thanks, remember your blessings and my wish for you is that for as long as you can today remember the beauty that resides within you.


Big Love.

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