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Written into everything we are is the language of our soul. It isn't verbal and yet it is also in every word we speak. Intuition is often written off as something small and insignificant right up until the moment it can save your life or recreate it. I do have a pretty good sense of intuition and I think it has helped me out in a lot of cases. It still happens these days where I muddle the difference between my intuitive voice and my brain chatter and no matter how skilled you get at listening you will always have to work alongside the narrative based language of the ego. There are intuition workshops, videos, books and courses, pretty much everything you need to learn how to know what you already know. I know, it sounds heavy right? What if it didn't have to be? What if, instead of putting so much weight on your shoulders to “find” your intuitive voice you just put that to one side for a moment and instead learned to listen to your excitement? Yes, it can be that easy. Your excitement is the beginning place of opportunity within your own mind. It is there that you are willing to play again like you did when you were a child and it is there, in that space of opportunity where intuition can be more easily and readily accessed.



When we are excited about something our intuition naturally surges. It is almost the feeling place of where the intuitive voice and brain chatter meet. I've recommitted a lot lately to meditation and yoga practices and whilst they really do help I am starting to feel like there is an extra component to my practice that needs working on. It's excitement. So what excites me right now? What tickles my fancy? Well, the idea of finishing my books, the idea of creating more art, music, connecting in a more uplifting way with you, travel, adventures with Stu, meeting new people and making new friends and being an uplifter. These are the thoughts and ideas right now that when I hang around them a little, I connect to being excited. It's going to be fun to see how this practice impacts my life and I shall be tracking it over the next 100 days. Yes, I am doing another 100 day challenge! For no other reason than to play with the Universe and maybe refine some of my practices and thoughts I feel called to create something within myself again. To uplift my energy to a new place and it's going to be interesting to see what that new energy will call towards me.



So the question now becomes what excites you? Try and find ideas that keep you in a place of feeling eager. If you love thinking of holidays but get bogged down with the practicalities of finances then that's not the thought for you. What can you think about or engage with that naturally makes you feel excitable? It may be that you haven't felt that for years, it may be that you haven't given yourself anything to look forward to in a while and you actually have to do anything right this minute other than find a thought that feels good. Find a thought that makes you smile. Properly smile ( and also, don't feel guilty if that thought isn't your kids, we all know you love them but we also all know they can be little buggers! ). Think of something completely for you. Just for you. Once you hang around that space enough the energy will kick in and as soon as it does your intuition will engage in a more pragmatic way and start working with you. Think of excitement as a little bit of a hearing aid for intuition. It's a lens through which you can hear yourself better. You don't have to do it for 100 days, but try if for a month and see if it helps! It's already helping me!



Have a great week,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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