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Are you listening?


 Every morning, after yoga and meditation I begin with an intuitive exercize. It literally is just me sitting there with a pen and a cup of coffee doodling whilst asking my intuition if it has any insights for me. Then if anything pops into my mind I write it down. If it pops into my mind over and over again over the course of a week that's when I know my instinct is trying to get my attention. Recently most of my insights have been centred around my body. The words “Take care of your temple” kept running around in the back on my mind. I wasn't entirely sure what it meant at first until I caught sight of my belly in a mirror and nearly fell to the ground in horror! I've never had a gut and to find myself in possession of one was not a good moment for me. So since then it's back to the cardio, a complete cull on the crap I eat during the day, ( note to self : NEVER leave a packet of biscuits next to the kettle ) and looking at new ways to engage my body in activity. I have had intuitive hits to try swimming, relax mentally and yesterday the message was to vary my diet more. Intuition isn't always a life shifting thing. It can be as you all know, after all I only moved house because my gut pulled me in that direction. Most of the time though intuitive hits are subtle which is why I advocate you leaving room in your day to listen.



A quiet cuppa and a notepad is often enough of a gap in your thoughts to listen to that little voice in the back of your head. I often take a piece of pen and paper with me everywhere but I also find on dog walks that little hunches will often come to the surface. I love to watch the trees and the skies and the sea and find that it's often when my mind wanders that it finds itself. When I relax more I am able to hear my own truth but you don't have to be in deep meditation to get there. Your intuition is always working for you. It is always planning the shortest route between you and the things that you are manifesting. The more you listen, the more you follow, the more you will allow into your life. Sometimes your intuition really works hard to get you in the space of where you need to be so that you can listen to it and that's often when little “accidents” happen or when the Universe throws you a cruve ball. It's those moments when something bizarre lands on your lap and you catch yourself saying, “I wonder what that means?”. It doesn't have to be something bad. Sometimes a white feather is a message from the angels for you to sit down and get quiet. When you don't know what's really going on maybe it's because you're ignoring what your inner voice is telling you and this is how the Universe has had to get your attention?



Right now, right in this moment your intuition has a message for you and maybe reading this blog is the conduit through which it is speaking to you. If you are reading this then as soon as you are done take 5 minutes and doodle. Ask your intuition if it has any information for you. Listen to whatever voice shows up in your head, whatever memory surfaces, whatever idea crops up. Or if nothing does, repeat the process throughout the day, make a concerted effort to get our of your own way and listen. The more space you create, the more room you have to change your inner dialogue. Make room to listen. You won't always get it right, I work as a psychic and medium and even I fall over my own thoughts on my way to intuitive insight. But I still show up the next day and the day after that. Keep going. Make listening part of your daily routine and see where it takes you.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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