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Hello loves,



Here we go head first into another year and I have to say I feel excited, connected, eager, a little anxious but as always filled with the love and compassion that the last year taught me. I am not who I was a year ago, that's for sure. Me and Stu are the not the couple we were last year. We have grown deeper into our connection and we are both blossoming in wonderful and new directions. I am eager to see what new adventures we go on this year, to be honest everything feels like an adventure when he's with me. BUT, soppyness aside, let's get back to blogging shall we?! I know I totally dropped off the blogging map last year and that was for a few reasons. The main one was engagement. People just stopped reading and I'm not talking just a few readers, like almost everyone. I could blame facebook algorithms and all that stuff but I feel it was the hand of the Universe at play. A mixture of me needing a break, my attention being elsewhere and me getting too much into my head space about being “effective” shifted my focus and I got a little lost in my own thoughts. I think because so much was going on in my life too the Universe stepped in and slowed everything around me down until I got clear. It's weird though isn't it how often we fight against the redirection of the Universe?



As I spoke about in my mailing list ( if you haven't subscribed....*cough* ) last years energy felt like it was all about a stripping away of the inessential. This year I can already feel a huge shift in the paradigm of my foundations. There is so much light and energy present that I am almost finding it hard to sit still. The problem this year for me is going to be focus, that much I know. The energy that has been building in the Universe for a while now has started to pour furiously into and through my life and I know that the challenges I face are going to be centered around staying clear and not burning out. I feel that's going to be the same for many of you too, especially the spiritually sensitive amongst you. You can all tap into that energy at any point in time, just remember to have fun with it. So what are your plans for the year? Personally I am going to finish off that book I've been writing for years, I'm also working on making my art more accessible and also finishing off a picture book I've been working on for even longer. I feel a real need to complete everything that I've already started already which, is a goal in itself. My main priority though is to live more openly and more authentically. This for me starts with building a better relationship with my body.



I stress ate for a fair chunk of last year and my muffin top is not impressed. I felt frumpy and heavy and lost a lot of confidence. This year I am demanding better from myself. I made a promise to myself a long time ago to align my life with the standard of love and that sometimes requires looking into and through the feelings that don't feel so good. I've done it. I know where I am now and I'm making active, authentic movements towards a stronger mind body alignment. I've already started with a personal trainer and I'm on a diet that doesn't feel like it's killing my will to live. I've made the commitment to stick with training for this for a year and given myself full licence to put everything else to one side if my relationship with my body requires it. A deep clean of the temple of the soul comes first right now and that's just that. I think it really helps to have plenty of goals and ideas, especially if your personality type is like mine, but, it also helps to have that one thing. That one established principle that you want to initiate in your life. I don't care about how other people view my body, what I'm changing is how it feels to me. I'm creating a more mindful connection. I'm creating more movement. I'm going to find a local yoga class soon so that my practice is challenged more. I know it's all simple really, eat less crap, move more but accountability is definitely something that will hold me more to my plans at the moment. I will share with you as I go along this process of realignment and re calibrating but, I also invite you to ask me questions on it too. If you have any advice or information, if you know any good classes locally I'm open to trying all of it.



So, what about you? What did you learn last year that you can put into practice this year? What connections do you want to build on or create this year? What do you want to make in the world? Whatever you are doing take the time to claim it. Make it yours. Breathe it in and let the light of the Universe infuse with it, and you so that you can jump into this fast moving stream.



You deserve the best that life has to offer and even more so, you deserve to give it to yourself.



Happy New Year!



Big Love,



Ryan James x



P.S. I'm rebooting my youtube channel too this year so if you have any topics you want me to cover, or, any questions you may want my perspective on let me know!  

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