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Building your own wings.


 To say I believe in Angels is kind of silly. I no more need to believe in them than I need to believe in the chair I am sitting on or the laptop I am currently staring into. I don't need to believe in gravity and I don't need to believe in the earth being round, angels just exist and I know this because I've met more than a few. Now I know in the larger energetic sense of it all that angelic beings are respresentations of higher conciousness. I know that they are somehow shaped by the ideas of the people percieving them. I have always seen them in the traditional sense, lit from the inside and sometimes with giant wings. I have also seen them carry flavours of their human lifetimes. I have been taken on journeys by them, lifted out of my body. I have been blessed by them and shown reflected aspects of who I am and challenged in ways I never anticipated. Make no mistake, angels are as strong as they are beautiful and they will hold you to the best of yourself. We each get one, or sometimes more assigned to us throughout our human experience. I have been shown through my own experience and by being an observer of yours the intricate ways in which they intersect your life and how angels as a whole shape who we can become. It is important to note here though that even though their love and grace is unconditional that doesn't mean that they won't give you an energetic boot up the bum sometimes.



Have you ever had that experience when your life feels like it's absolute chaos and you are praying as hard as you know how to but nothing...nothing seems to be happening? Me too! Sometimes we need to make our own wings and be our own angels. Sometimes the best thing for our development as human beings is to take total and full responsibility for our actions. Angels can't and won't clean up our environment. Angels won't stop our choice to use fossil fuel. Angels won't bring you a million pounds. They will however hold you up to your own light so that you can step into the knowledge that anything is possible. Angels know that you are infinite and that you are powerful and that your life is not just of your own making but also part of a huge tapestry that connects you with everything else. Angels know the angel in you and they sometimes ask that you rely on that rather than generate a parent child relationship with them.



Where does that leave us? As always the onus on self reliance. You build your life moment by moment. Constantly creating your own dharma/karma by the things you give attention to and how you react to them. Even legitimate anger is still something that you are experiencing and doesn't hurt the person you are angry at. My rule of thumb when working with angels is simple, I pray and then I carry on with the most logical way I can think of to solve the problem at hand. When angels move, you feel it but sometimes they pick up the rope only when you've reached the end of it. When you've done all you can do, all you know to do, that's when it's a good time to sit back and let them take over. The more you let go, the more they can work. Sometimes they will viscerally alter your life and sometimes they will call you to make gentle side steps. They can talk to you directly through dreams and intuitive insights or they can put their words in the mouths of those around you. If people around you suddenly start talking strangely or if you catch your instinct guiding you to listen to someone then maybe that's them. I sometimes catch a sentence in my head. It won't be from a particularly spiritual conversation but sometimes something will just “stick” and after I chew on it for a while I ask if it's guidance and if they say yes then I go with it. Find your language with them. Work on your communication. They are there. They always have been.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x

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