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Check your thought-habits.


 Your mind is a powerful thing. It really is. So much so that even acknowledging that can begin to awaken you to what you have access to. I have always found it so fascinating that with such a force of nature with you that we allow most of it to go on auto pilot. We create our realities by default if you will. Habits are a potent guide to the human experience and they have been an area of deep fascination for me for years. After finding out that habits, beliefs are the foundation blocks of the energy that create our lives I have made it a personal mission of mine to discover what it is I really believe about myself and the world around me. After all, Abraham Hicks says that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. So what is it that you are thinking? With all the change that is happening within me recently I have challenged a lot of my ideas about who I am and who I was. A certain autopilot of mood and demeanor has been brought to my attention. I am by nature naturally gregarious. I like to speak my mind, explore, try new things and seek expression wherever I think I might be able to find it. Yet years of habit have made me more cautious than I would like to be and more world weary than I have the stomache for.



One of the things about growing older is developing the skill set to fight being jaded about the world. The world will always show back to you your thoughts about it. If you approach the world with a victim based or martyr based mindset then that's what you will see. Everything is accessible to you it's just what you choose to line up with through the selection of your energy. When I doubt myself I line up with people who pick me apart, passive aggressive bullies or people who enjoy being spiteful. When I am down on myself I come across every depressive and depressing thing I can find. Similarly when I look after who I am, when I love who I am, people who love who they are turn up and a party begins! I know that's a really overly simplified way of putting it but in essence it's how a part of our experience as human beings works. The world reflects back to you the energy you hold. This is why when something turns up in my life that I don't want I always look inward first to see which part of me it is reflecting. I deal with whatever comes up, do my best to forgive, let go and then embody the lesson I have learned. You don't always have to wait for something negative to turn up in order to move forward with your life. In moments when things are quiet you are also allowed to play!



I think that's definitely one of the mistakes I have made. Seeking lessons solely in pain. Waiting until my life is out of balance in order to seek balance. I sink into the habit of what I am used to and don't challenge what comes my way enough. One of the new choices I have made for this year is to follow my gut more and that's already brought so much to the surface. It's highlighted habits that I didn't know I was continuing and also helping me to distinguish between what used to help me a long time ago and what actually helps me now. It can be difficult to look at your life when it is content and have the guts enough to demand that it be better. To look at the boundaries of your own mind and dare to ask for more. Are you a victim of your own mind? Are you courageous enough to demand that life go from good to great? Where in your psyche do you limit yourself? Take some time and really delve into the nature of your thought habits. Who do you think what you do and the way you do? Does it serve you? Did it used to? Do you want to continue thinking that way? Remember that you are not your mind. You are not the person thinking your thoughts. You are the awareness of your thoughts. Choose and choose wisely the energy you hold because it will dictate your life.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x

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