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Clearing what is no longer needed.


After a whole weekend of lifting boxes, dropping boxes, putting boxes in the wrong rooms and finding more rando crap than any human being should ever accumulate, I am FINALLY in my new home! I normally cry on moving days but whether it was the exhaustion, the lack of coffee in my system or just that I was so ready to go I was actually O.K all day. I was the last person in the house and I said a little goodbye, I went into my empty readings room and had a quiet word with the spirits to let them know that I wasn't going to be there any more. I know that they know that of course, it was more a symbolic act to clear my energy out of the space. I mopped and hoovered ( and of course my hoover broke on the day so thank the GODS for my friend claire who ran down with hers for me ). Then as Stuart filled the last car load, I closed the door and walked Oscar from the old house to the new one. Yes, I've not gone far. My mind was really quiet as I left the hill, after almost 20 years I was ready for that chapter of my life to be over. Already I feel lighter, more creative, less weighted. Today is the first day I am in this house on my own and I have to craft out of it what I need it to be. My readings room is all set up and I plan a good meditation in there later to get a whif of the energy balance but first things first, cleansing the space!



I recommend a good house cleanse at least once a month. I tend to do it weekly because my house get's a lot of footfall but once a month is plenty and if you do it on a full moon then you can normally stretch the energy shift out a little longer. My personal preference is to burn incense. I've just always loved it to the point of, for a while, I considered starting making my own and having a little business around it. My favourite is Nag Champa but I burn a sandalwood when I do a cleanse and sometimes I add a little lavender to the mix if I want to increase the love vibrations. I start at the front door and then chant working clockwise through the house, covering every window and door in cleansing symbols ( pentagram, christian cross or reiki symbol will do ). I work my way from the front door to the back door and then back to the front again. For about 3 days after the cleanse the house feels like it's had a deep clean! Anything and everything clients have brought with them has gone and I can realx into an energy echo-less environment.



Like most of you I believe that houses are their own histories, especially old houses like the one I moved into. I can definitely feel old energies here but to be honest the overall feeling is love. The lady who lived here before clearly loved and doted on her children because that love is all through the house. It felt like a warm hug when I walked in and now that I am making this house my own I want to keep that love going. I have also felt echos of an old lady at the back of the house and a gentleman in the room I am about to do readings in. Nothing feels untoward though and I think that what I'm picking up on is just an energy imprint rather than an actualy spirit but I'll feel more and know more when I relax more and open up fully. Cleansing brings a lot of this stuff to the surface, or more acurately, it helps you to see what's really there rather than just keeping things spiritually muddy. When you finish a cleanse, sit for a moment and visualise yourself walking around your house. Any room that you can't see clearly in your minds eye is the room that needs the most clearing. Give it a go, if anything weird comes up then drop me a line or maybe leave a message below and I'll see if I can help!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



P.S I didn't notice that beam of light in the picture until this morning! Cool huh! I love hidden little nods from the Universe like that! 

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