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Day at Wholly Well

Well I finally have some time to sit down and catch up! What a week! Spirit were not kidding when they told me to get ready, let's hope they have a new brain for me at the end of all this! haha

This week I'd like to talk to you about Wholly Well, a lovely place in Gorseinon that I thouroughly enjoyed being at this weekend. I'm used to reading from home, from someone else's home, or at one time stood on a bar ( shudder ), so to be in a centre that is focussed on spirituality and healing was a lovely experience. I could feel the healing energy of the room I was in and the soothing music and incence helped me to focus and relax at the same time. I've already had tonnes of bookings from my day there and will seriously consider re doing another one in a month.

Until then I shall be focussing on a few things this month, I'm doing my very first psychic supper which will have limited bookings so get in there early, I'm going to be doing a healing day, I have halloween to prepare for and I've also decided in order to help launch this website to offer a free reading! I will post it here in a week or two and I'll cover my facebooks with it to let you know how to enter my little competition!


Thats all for this week,


Big Love


Ryan James

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