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Energy reset!


Today is the pagan new years eve, its reportedly the point in the year where the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest. It's a time to honour those who have passed over and engage in a more reciprical conversation. In terms of just chatting to spirits it's just another Tuesday for me but the amount of people praying, chanting and calling on the other side does create a few little nifty quirks in the energy map of the day. Nothing negative really, just busy. I kind of like it being extra chatty to be honest and the openness at this time of the year makes my job a little easier. But it is important to recognise that the old pagans knew a thing or two about the energy climate of our planet. This is a very strong time to reset your energy if you feel like you've been going off course which, to be honest seems to be true of so many people this year. Now that the planets have chilled out we are all a little dazed and confused about why the last 8 months were so intense. Don't fret, the worst is definitely over and just in time for us to have a little help from the Universe to rebrand our energetic identity.



This last week or two I have recommitted to my yoga and meditation practice and I am so grateful that I followed my gut and did it. I think I just got a little complacent about the whole thing at a time when I should have been more focussed on it. Even only after two weeks I have more energy, more focus and more mental real estate to get things done. I just feel better and it's very much a case of “psychic, read thyself!”. I'm also starting to feel more and more playful with the energy and people around me and have instantly seen a shift in my interactions. It's been like opening a door to meet someone who you havent' seen in a while but doing it within your own energy. The fact that I'm having so much fun at the moment helps me to see just how little I was having. I also feel like it's a tipping point, like no matter what manifests I can't let myself get too down the garden path and away from a good giggle. I have a tendancy to take everything a little too seriously and in doing so I disconnect from the Joy of my day to day. It's a cyclical thing and it's totally normal to move away from joy and then rediscover it again in a brand new way. Each time you come back to it you realise you've spent less and less time away.



Now it's easy when you rediscover your joy to spend time trawling back over your experience to figure out where you went off course but I would like to kindly advise that in this case you don't do that. Maybe instead figure out ways how to keep the joy you have in your life expanding. Because of the energetic reset it is more beneficial to spend time focussing on the love that you have available to you so that it more easily perpetuates throughout the coming year. Focus on the eager anticipation of figuring out your life's path instead of the judgement of not being where you want to be. Focus on the love you have for your children instead of the chaos of their youth. Focus on a body that mostly works instead of the illness or “niggly” ache. Do what you can today to laugh, have fun and totally invest in positive momentum. I know that for some of you it might be a little challenging but it can be done. I believe in you! Now go have a great halloween, eat plenty of candy and thoroughly enjoy yourself!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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