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Your energy is not benign. It is a moving, thinking, intuitive extension of your soul. It is an expression of who you are, who you were and the potential of everything you can be. Expressions of this energy are found more often than not in your aura which is a light that extends around the body containing wonderful pieces of information. I see it as a sort of echo of your soul. Those of you that come to my readings know that I like to read the aura and the more I delve into it the more it unfolds like a map around you. I used to just see colours, one or two that usually depicted someone's mood. Over the years I've learned to see whole energy maps of someone's life and even to this day it is evolving and growing into something richer. The only troubling part of the energy I encounter is just how often I see people hang onto energy from past relationships. Sometimes, and even more worryingly, I've seen a clients energy more focused on the pain of a past hurt than they are on the love of what is right in front of them. It's scary when we allow the wounds of our past to prevent us from the joy of our now so, I wanted to give a few tips on how to shake any fragments that might be hindering you moving forward loose.



If you find yourself often day dreaming about an ex or if you have noticed that you are tarring the people around you with the same brush then that's a clue you might need to do some inner work. If your ex fundamentally shifted your ability to trust anyone then that might be something you are going to want to undo. I'm all for growing from these experiences and I completely understand that some break ups hold severe trauma in the psyche and energy systems but the truth is until you learn to resolve that energy it sits right there with you. You take it into every other relationship you go into and you also share it around every other aspect of your life. The good news is you also have the power to free yourself of all of those entanglements. You can viscerally cut loose any negative attachment to an old lover. All you need to do is forgive them for everything. Yep, I said it. Forgive them. Can you look back at an old hurt and feel more grateful for the lessons you've learned and the person you've become as a result than the pain of the experience? Can you feel love in your heart for the lessons you've brought to yourself through the soul of that person? The more you lean in that direction, the more love that floods your energy and the quicker you surrender them and the energy of their that you hold onto back to the Universe.



There are many symbolic meditations when it comes to energy surrendering. Cord cutting is a popular one and so is a boyfriend/girlfriend bonfire ( burning their stuff ). Don't get me wrong I think ritual is fun and important when it comes to personal transformation but no energy will shift until you learn to inject love, compassion and forgiveness into the root of the wound and set it free. If you don't part of you will always be a victim to the circumstances of the pain rather than a self taught soul artist. You get to decide what you paint your life with so don't splay it with shades of pain. Take the most beautiful parts of your experience, your love, your light, your capacity for transformation and use that to life your energy to a new level. The quicker you show gratitude towards the things that hurt you the most, the quicker you can free yourself of the weight they carry over you. Good luck!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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