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Intuitive Vs Emotional feelings.


The moving date finally happened! So, in just under 2 weeks I shall be gone from this house and I shall be starting a slightly new chapter! Sitting here this morning looking out over the sea and writing I don't feel any regrets leaving this place behind. I have loved it here and I will love passing it on to the next person who hopefully will enjoy these walls as much as I have. Everything I love about living here I will have in the next place because location wise I'm not going that far, the only real wrench is going to be losing the view but the new place is actually closer to the beach so I think I will be spending more time with sand between my toes. Also, I'm technically swapping a view of the bay for a view of brynmill park so it really is splitting hairs! I think because I'm so sensitive to energy movements I always find moving house more impactful than it probably should be but I know that this is the right move. I received the intuition and was told to go and I knew that I had to listen. When you ask for a sign to make doubly, tripply sure you got it right and then keep dreaming that all of mount pleasant is on fire then that's just an extra bit of a nudge. I'm eager to see what the new place brings in terms of energy though!



It's weird watching my resistance flare up though. I really am flitting between moments of excitement and fear. This happens whenever we create something that is good for us. I think I told you the story before that on the morning I was due to go on a date with Stuart I woke up fuming for no reason. Really, overtly angry to the point of where I almost cancelled the date and now here we are nearly 8 years later with a dog about to buy our second house together! It's important to acknowledge the difference between your emotional feelings and your intuitive ones. Emotionally I do feel scared to make changes that have such a big financial impact, I was scared at the beginning of the year to invest money in getting new teeth! I was scared when I went to pick up Oscar for the first time! My emotions can often be rooted in overwhelm and being a typical bloke who doesn't like too much change BUT my intuitive feelings are often the complete opposite. Right now my intuition is happy, my intuition knows all of the wonderful things that are about to unfold in my life and also knows that this is just the first step in a long list of steps that will keep me connected to the feeling of deep spiritual joy.



If I had listened to my emotions I wouldn't have done any of the things that I enjoy doing now. I wouldn't be involved with all the wonderful people that I am now. I wouldn't get to take mini breaks from writing my blog to give oscar a cuddle. Your emotions are wonderful indicators about what is going on within your heart but I don't let my heart rule my life which I know sounds weird coming from me. I let my gut take charge always or at least I aim to. I've dealt with too many disasterous consequences when I don't listen to it so even if it contradicts what I'm feeling I listen now and move on that inner voice. The spirits were right when then told me this whole house move would be an “exercise in trust” and I am grateful that I have followed it and I think the further along this journey I go the more grateful I will become! So, can you tell the difference between your emotional feelings and your intuitive ones? Meditation is a good way to draw a line between the two. Your intuition might go directly against what your feeling right now, it is the voice of absolute reason even if it doesn't make sense at the time!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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