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Letting go of a cold....

Angel Card for the Day : Truth and Integrity

Intuitive Insight : Look for ways you hold your light away from you


                Well what a week! It is another lazy Sunday morning and I am here with the dog going nuts running around in circles next to me and the students singing random songs next door ( I assume working off the remnants of last night’s alcohol ).  This week has been non-stop readings, healings and my daily meditations have been stilling my mind enough to allow some truly amazing insights and feelings through. There does seem to be a lot of focus this week on letting go. I’ve had a smidge of that cold that’s been doing the rounds, yes I do get the irony of a medical intuitive and healer getting sickly, so a few quiet moments with myself later I realise that I haven’t quite dealt with a small sadness I’ve been carrying around.

                Basically in the last month most of my closest friends have moved away. Some out of the country, some not so far and while I am ridiculously happy that they are all getting the things they want and doing the things that are true for them there is still that bit of sadness of saying goodbye. I didn’t really feel like dealing with it so... my body decided to floor me for a day until I released the energy from my system.  That’s what I think most colds do, and what they represent in our energy systems. Physically a cold slows your body down to release all the built up toxins and gunk you’ve accumulated, so it makes only sense that that’s also what it does emotionally and spiritually. I’ve learned over the years to just sit down and shut up when a cold grips my body. Physically I do what I can to assist my immune system and spiritually I allow whatever conflict has caused it to come to the surface.

                Suffice it to say I am better now, small bits and pieces of it are still rumbling around my lungs ( the house of identity, more on that in a later blog ) but that will dissipate in the next week.  I still have a few small announcements to make, events to book and spiritual insights to explore and I will share more with you all in the next entry!


Big Love


Ryan James

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