Psychic Swansea




Stop trying to be successful, really. You've already made it. You are already the leading survivor of your genetic line. Your ancestors already hunted in the wild and lived through the cold for you to be here. You already stand on the shoulders of a generation that were willing to give their lives so you could enjoy this land. But everywhere I look people are trying to make a success of themselves. I remember doing it myself a while ago, I even tried to manipulate my entire understanding of spirituality and metaphysics around it.

I believe in miracles. I truly do, and I define them as a complete allowance of the nature of God/Source/Universal consciousness. When it flows through you you are undeniable, a working, living, breathing miracle in itself. There is also magic, the ability to hold thoughts and images in your head that replicate and recreate themselves in your life. The ability to change your life's circumstances to how you would choose. There is a difference between magic and miracles. Magic is all about asking the universe what you would like it to do and Miracles is when the universe asks you!

Many moons ago I remember begging the universe to make me a success. To create in my life my vision of what I wanted and the universe replied. It said that it has something else for me to do. Something that would benefit me more and help me more. Of course I didn't listen. With all the hot headedness of youth I would quietly and sometimes not so quietly try and drown out the sound of what I was being asked to do with questions about what I wanted to happen. I seemed to temporarily lose my mind and forgot that the Universe is WAY bigger than me and when it has something for you to do it's best you get on with it! It took one moment of undeniable peace to flow through my system to make room for that knowledge and that voice of the Universe to grow within me.

The Universe told me that I was already a success because I possess life. The Universe and everything she holds within her lives itself through me. I am lived. I am life. I am evolution in progress. There is salt in my blood and calcium in my bones, my body is made of the Earth and through that success I get the divine gift of breathing. And trust me, the day you have trouble breathing is the day you begin to see it as a divine gift. I've sat with people in their last moments, spoken with people whose time to transition is coming and the value they place on breathing changes you. The Universe told me that every moment your body experiences life is the successful work of the millions of organisms that work together to create the human body. It is life.


Big Love


Ryan James



Boundaries are not there there to keep people away. They are there to ensure that you take care of yourself and tend to yourself. They are a mark of self respect and mutual respect when you are interacting with another person. Like many people I used to make the assumption that others knew what my boundaries were. I made the mistake of moving into relationships, friendships, business interactions and all other manner of entanglements without first sitting down and clearly stating what I was bringing to the table and what I expected in return. I think everyone does this to a degree somewhere along the line. We trust in cultural conditioning and social etiquette to do the work for us but a lot of the time it doesn't, won't or can't.

Self maintenance is squarely on your shoulders. What you will and wont tolerate is your responsibility. Don't make up stories in your own head that other people know your needs. Don't assume that the people in your circle are going to fully understand what you demand from them unless you clearly state it. When someone enters my life I demand that they be responsible for the energy they bring me. I demand that they act in a respectful manner, I demand that they be self loving to some degree and I demand they bring love, mutual respect and honour to any interaction that involves me. Those they can't or won't do that don't tend to stay in my life for very long. This is what I mean by maintenance. Sometimes you have to weed out the parts of your life that you lose energy to.

The problem I tend to find is that it's been so long since we've demanded that we be treated in a respectful manner that a part of our mind thinks its wrong. We try and chalk it up to selfishness which we have also been taught is wrong. It's a good thing to look after yourself and it's definitely a good thing to draw clear boundaries within and around yourself in order to ensure not only that you are respected but also that you respect others.


Big Love



Fill your cup!


How much of your time do you spend taking care of others? How much time do you spend people pleasing? How often do you try and fix your life from the outside in? The truth is we all do it and do it on a daily basis to some degree but how wonderful a thought it would be if we truly and whole heartedly put ourselves first. A lot of us get taught that's selfish, but you are a DIVINE REFLECTION. To take care of you is to take care of the Life Force energy that is the Universe. To take care of you is respect for the people who went before you. If we approached our lives from the perspective of “I have plenty.” we would come together in groups a lot more peacefully and in a state of sharing rather than “What am I getting out of this?”.

I used to be the kind of person that did everything I could to help those around me. Using everything I had to support and assist but then every few years I would burn out. I'd have to stop my spiritual work and creative work and recover. That all changed the more I allowed the light of the Universe into my heart. The deeper that seemed to enter my being the more serene my life became. I found myself filling gaps in others less and looking to fill the gaps in me less. The truth is when you take care of yourself and truly honour the energy that flows through you by sheer definition of what that energy is it helps those around you anyway. And here's the kick, it helps them MORE than if you were to stand there trying.

Tend to you cup and let it run over. Tend to your inner light and let it reach every corner of your life. Let it filter into your body and your home and all the circles you move in. This just begs the question, “What fills your cup?”. What leaves you tired and happy? What gives you a buzz? What job would you do for free? These are all questions that might help you in the right direction. Chew on them and see how you feel.


Until tomorrow take care of yourself, really.


Big love


Ryan James

Surrender competition.


There is so much beauty in the world and in those around us that we very often take it for granted. We very often look at someone's wounds as opposed to their dreams. If we honoured each other more and judged each other less then there would be more room for peace and love within us. When this love moves though you it will bring with it parts of your past that need your attention.

To give an example recently someone from my past contacted me only to attempt to dominate me and engage me in some form of competition. The phone conversation literally left my stomach trembling after experiencing the rancid and ego laden energy they brought to the table. I'm not naming names, this is not a space for revenge or to lash out. I immediately got on the defensive and took all appropriate steps to keep this person away. What was interesting though was how quickly I used their wounds to judge them not realising that their wounds were mine. People bring you reflection of who you are and sometimes pieces of who you WERE in order for you to let them go. This person showed me that there are still parts of my heart that need more love and light.

Today I send them forgiveness, I send them love, I send them all the peace the Universe has to offer. I forgive myself for taking part in the energy, as a 16 year old boy I didn't know any better at the time. When you know better you DO better. I too used to believe in competition and a pecking order. That there were certain people who were “better” than others. This was a system I used to live my life by. It took years for me to truly understand each persons unique and beautiful contribution to the planet. That we all offer something wonderful to this space even when it doesn't seem that way. It has taken me a few hours of meditation and contemplation to realign with this persons grace. They have shown up to take me to a place where I can learn to love and honour my heart even more. Where I can abandon the very human idea of competition and embrace the spiritual truth of expression.

A picasso has the same value as a childs doodle. A classical pianist has the same value as someone still learning. A penny has the same value as a pound. It's what you do with what you have and how much joy you allow it to bring yourself and others that really matters.


Big Love



Love Trouble?


Love is a constant energy. It is relentless in it's giving and understanding. It is intuitive and whole. It is self respecting and naturally balancing. When the love within your life is out of balance it is because somewhere along the line you haven't respected or honoured it. This isn't welcome advice to some people. We are very much used to blaming our partner for what they aren't doing as opposed to honouring them for what they are. It is a universal truth that the energy you send out there you get back and this seems to work much quicker in matters of the heart. If you are not respected in your relationship then ask yourself where are you not GIVING respect? If you don't feel loved or honoured in your relationship then ask yourself where you are not expressing these qualities?

Imagine your relationship was an unmade bed. You have to provide the comfort for both sides in order for the pair of you to rest easy. You have to make it warm for the pair of you. It's useless just making half the bed! A very common mistake is trying to fill a cultural “role” within a relationship instead of an honest one. We look to what we are supposed to do. How we can be a “good” spouse. This can sometimes over ride the specific individual needs of both parties in the union. At every given opportunity drop the idea of being a “good” spouse and just be yourself within the relationship. I have seen that when two complete individuals come together and shrug off all the things they are “supposed” to do they settle into who they really are and that is such a good place to love from.

There will always be hiccups on your journey, that will be part of the shrugging off process. Getting rid of the things you were taught about love as opposed to finding your own route within it. That however is a whole book of info! If your relationship is out of balance, or even a friendship, anything between two people really, look closely as to what is missing. If it's respect then become more respectful to yourself and the other person. Become more loving. Become more joy seeking. Even if the most respectful, joy seeking and loving thing you can do is remove yourself from this union be ready and able. Give what you believe you're not getting. In doing so you're energy will shift you to a place where it can be reciprocated!


Big Love



"I am ..." ( fill in blank )


We are such immeasurable beings capable of changing worlds, capable of being passengers of evolution itself, capable of growing and expressing the very foundation of life itself. So with all this energy and power and momentum why we bother with things like self-doubt, anger, greed and confusion? With the secrets of life and everything in between written into the cells of our bodies why do we often wander around feeling bored, misplaced and hopeless? Everything that is not love, peace and joy in your life began itself in YOU as a product of fear. What we fear most and most often is change. Change of any sort, even when that change is growth taking you to a happier place!

There is a part of us, often called the ego or false self, it's that learned voice within your head, it's that part of your spirit dedicated solely for the purpose of identity. It says “I AM.”. And the problem most of us face is that we fully embrace that part of our being, we call ourselves the “I AM” as often as we can throughout the day. whatever you have identified with and have very often constantly repeated to yourself that “thing”, this “identity” is the substance of who you are is part of the false identity. The problem is once you have created or accepted what your identity should be you focus most of your energy that way and your growth becomes slowed.

If you don't understand what I'm saying get some pen and paper and write down just two or three sentences that start with “I am...”. Then think on what that means for you. What behaviour does that mean you have to adopt? How should that person think? We first run into this when it comes to our gender. Think to yourself what it means when you say “I am a woman/man.”. It's those “I am”'s that hold us still. Remind yourself that you are a passenger in this body, in this life. Remind yourself that everything you have in life is borrowed from the earth for only a short time and eventually it has to be given back or passed along. Remind yourself that you are not your job or your cultural status.

I have done this many times. I was head of the “I am!” party. I would often make lists of the things I thought I was and it was only until I methodically and purposefully dissected each facet of it that I could fully allow universal light to flow through me. I even catch myself slipping back into old habits now and again. Recently I found myself getting very stressed over an art exhibition I was doing and because stress is so unusual for me these days I felt it effects very powerfully. I realised I was slipping into the thought pattern of “I am an ARTIST!!!” and I use capitals because when I think about being an artist...I get a tad dramatic! I had to remind myself that I was a passenger of art and that the Universe was working through me, that creativity itself was working through me and in that moment I became focussed on the process not the result.

Where are your “I am”'s and what power do they hold over you? Where in your life do they slow you down? Where in your life can you begin to let them go? Feel free to message me if you need a little help!


Big Love



Going with the flow...



I love to remind people of who they are. That is one of the things I love most. Doing these emails and blogs I have already started to receive messages from people who have begun to think differently about themselves and I find no greater joy than being part of that. I have never been able to fully detach myself from loving people, ALL people and as I have grown all I want to do is let people know they are loved. That there is a wealth of love inside themselves and just how easy it is to connect to that. Inside you, inside your heart and mind and spirit right now is more love than you know what to do with all it's waiting for is for you to show up and experience it.

All we are is energy focussed into a relatively human shape. How incredible it is to know that. We attach so much to who we are and infuse our minds with so many “I am”'s that we lose touch with essence of our substance. Spirit. Soul. God. Peace. Prana. Source. Consciousness. I'm not attached to whatever word you use to describe the Universal Mind but I know we are of it. We live through it. It is the life that lives us. We are passengers of our own experience. Because we get the pleasure of feeling this life moving us, creating us, evolving through us we get to do all sorts of things like move our bodies, think, feel, love, eat, play and everything else we have labelled “The Human Experience”.

If we stopped and truly began to revere our LIFE, NOT our LIVES. The life itself, NOT the experiences we have accumulated we would finally begin the journey towards sitting in the momentum of our spirits. We will love with complete authenticity and allow this immeasurable life force to do its job and express love and joy. Take the pressure off your back and realise that you are already in the flow of life. It is already moving through you and around you. We hear lots about relaxing and “going with the flow”. You are ALWAYS going with the flow, it's impossible not to be, what is possible though is for you to numb out your emotional response to it. Its like a surfer sitting on top of a giant wave with his eyes closed. The flow is happening all you need to ask yourself is, are your eyes open or closed?

Big Love



What makes you happy?


We fear our greatness more than we fear our failures. It sounds like a ridiculous statement I know and when I first heard it in an interview from Marianne Williamson it kind of got stuck in that special place in my head that is reserved for “you'll understand this a bit later”. We all think and assume that our success and our happiness is something we would definitely grasp onto with both hands and create with everything we have but if that were true why do we lend such a significant part our energy to sabotaging it? Why do we allow our minds to dwell on our wounds and not on our happiness? Its because happiness and success are born of two things we get spiritually itchy about. Ownership and Change.

To create happiness you have to take charge of your life. You have to weed out the parts that are in the way and remove them. You are responsible for maintaining it. Without question you will have to change on a deep and personal level. Without question the circles you travel in will shift. You must be prepared to let go of everything and everyone you hold close to your heart. You will have to dig really deep into your own heart and mind and ask yourself the question, “What makes me happy?”.

I know to some people this might seem like a small an insignificant thing but I really want to convey the depth of the question. It asks that you become SELF centred, which although we often assume is a negative thing it really isn't. Because your SELF is born of and created by this wonderful Universe so to take care of it and put it at the heart of your life not only makes sense but it would serve you ultimately if you made it a priority. If more people looked after who they truly are we would see more examples of happiness around us. We would see more kindness and compassion because once your cup is full, it runs over. When two happy people come together all they can do is play and interact lovingly. When two unhappy people come together they create a cage that keeps them in that negativity.

You have a choice today to not only ask yourself that question but to really spend some thought on answering it. What would be your ideal lifestyle? What would be your ideal job? What would be your ideal romantic situation? Sit for the length of a cuppa and think on it for me, and your SELF.


Big Love



Create a space.


Where in your life, your home, your job is there space for peace? If there isn't then I put it on your shoulders to create some. Even one minute of sitting there contemplating something or someone you consider to be beautiful is enough of a soft, loving vibration that it can allow the energy of peace to grow. When it grows it will naturally highlight to you the places it needs to be. Call on peace. Talk to it. Invite it in. Even if you have no conscious knowledge of how to express it I assure you it's there inside you along with a detailed precise instruction manual of how it should be applied. To access this all you need to do is listen.

My day begins with a cup of tea in bed and a cuddle from my dog. It's by far the best meditation I have ever experienced. In the first moments of awakening I connect instantly to peace, I've been doing it so long now it's become my instant go to place. Sometimes in the quiet space of my morning routine I will get a thought or a whisper that is so foreign to the softness and stillness of the mood that I know it is a message. The energy of it can feel jarred and gritty. Something forced in to where it doesn't belong. I know that it's a message from peace to send love, forgiveness and prayers to the birthplace of whatever is brought to my attention.

You are an incredible reflection of the universe. You are the action of beauty. A blissful, peaceful life is not only your birthright but also your natural state. Chaos is only ever us telling ourselves a story of who we're not supposed to be. Chaos is our attachment to the IDEA of what we think our life is or should be. Chaos is what we have told ourselves is a normal life. Be brave enough to be weird! When arguments erupt and plates start flying be the strange person sitting in the corner smiling to yourself barely noticing what's going on. Eventually and with little time and even smaller effort all chaos and those who choose it will float out of your life. Your relationship with peace will bring with it those who respect it and hold it in themselves.

What a wonderful thought to have only people who bring loving energy to you. What a loving time to only have loving things and peaceful experiences surrounding you constantly. What an incredible thing to do to have peace the centre of your daily life. I did it and I can honestly say it feels wonderful!


Big Love



oooh you miracle you!


We can all create magic. It's no secret that with enough time and effort, energy and focus, momentum and force the universe will eventually begin to converge on your intent. But magic contains within it the seed of something bigger and brighter than we might at first recognise. A glimpse of the miraculous. It is said that magic is limited because it is ruled by the limitations of what you want, a miracle is surrendering to becoming a vessel to what the Universe/God wants. Surrendering to this might at first seem the most logical choice if not the easiest choice but the flow of the universe is born of limitless love, peace and light which although sounds wonderful doesn't always feel like sunshine and lollipops. Sometimes a window can look crystal clear until sunlight hits it at a certain angle and then all you see a huge messy collage or fingerprints and smudges. Same applies with universal light. When you allow the momentum of a miracle to begin working through you anything in its way will become blatantly obvious and THAT is what frightens us.

We have become so enamoured with our own wounds that we call them beliefs, personality traits and lifestyles. When a miracle is ready to take place you must be ready to surrender everything that you think makes you who you are. You must be ready to do it in order to become something more. You may not HAVE to. But you must be ready to. The momentum of the miracle will dictate to you what it needs but something that has struck me in every single occasion when I have witnessed, surrendered to or been a part of the flow of the miraculous. It ALWAYS begins with forgiveness. It seems to be the sweeping brush that clears the way for smoother more vibrant miracle. Forgiving old lovers, parents, former friends, yourself, whatever is required must be done.

These days I make it a priority to seek out the people, places and situations that need forgiveness. I want to leave as much room in my life for miracles as I can squeeze in. They happen for me all the time now. Sometimes in the form of a synchronicity or a flat out overturning of my life. I feel them coming and I make room for the changes. Meditation, prayer, journalling, these are all the things that help me quiet my mind enough to listen out for the evolution of my life experience. Creating a space for love, forgiveness and stillness in your home and your heart always makes room for the seed of the divine.

More and more peace....


I can't believe it's been almost two months since I last updated this blog, although in my defence I have sent out a few things from my mailing list instead. I have so many pans in the fire and they each need tending to and I guess this little space got neglected, but don't worry I shall endeavour to get that sorted out asap.

This week I wanted to talk a little bit about peace. It's something deeply close to my heart and has become a theme for my life since 2006. We all carry peace within us, and I am not talking about stillness. Stillness can be learned but peace, real peace, can only be experienced. You have it inside of you. I think that peace needs room to grow, we clutter ourselves with so much heady thought-filled nonsense that there is little room for peace to do it's work. For me it was facing my greatest fear that left room enough in my life for peace to grow. I wont go into details here because there simply isn't enough room in the blog but there was a time when I didn't think I was going to be on this planet for much longer. In the silence of that knowing and in the heat of that moment there was space enough in my heart and my life for peace to begin doing it's work. It wasn't long, but long enough for peace to begin gathering momentum and soon it had taken over my life.

It was like a giant ripple effect, my love life changed, my friendship circle changed, my relationship with my family changed, my connection to my career changed, my home changed...all of it. Every single piece of it one by one was almost bulldozed by the continuing wave of peace that has since become the substance of my life. It's still working within me now, over riding everything in my system that is contradictory to it. I have surrendered to it wholly.

I would like to extend that peace to any one of you seeking to connect with it. It's not something you need to go and get, it's something you need to accept about yourself. It taught me that I own nothing, I simply borrow things from the earth for a while. It taught me that I am a passenger of inspiration not a creator of it. It taught me the power of an idea. It taught me the absurdity and deliciousness of the things we consider as boundaries. It also made me responsible for honouring that peace within my life. Peace isn't always easy, it will require you to let go of things, let go of people, let go of habits that may feel like a great source of comfort to you. You may mourn their loss temporarily until the space that's been made is filled with more peace and peace filled people, places and things.

I wish I could give you a step by step account of how to welcome peace in your life but it is always a personal journey and it's not something that I cant teach. I can only share my experiences with it and hope that the energy contained in the words will ignite that spark of peace within you.


Big Peaceful Huggs



Releasing Fear.


It's funny how you don't know you're even feeling something until you're ready to feel something else. I want to talk this week about fear. I had no idea it was so integrated into my system. It was something I was feeling so deeply and completely that I had no idea it was there. Yes, this week I am sharing some things that are a little personal and I am doing it in the hope that you might recognise a piece of yourself in there.

Sugar. That's how it all began. I have known for a while that synthetic sugar has the ability to suppress your feelings. I don't remember the exact science behind it but it literally has the ability to shut off what you are currently feeling. It makes sense though. It's probably why so many people dive head first into a bowl of ice cream or devour insane amounts of sugar when they are upset. Most of my friends will tell you I had an almost addictive relationship with sugar. I could often be found catatonic in front of the telly with any form of chocolate or cake smeared over my gob. As I have gotten older though I have been less and less able to get away with it. Yes, it seemed almost overnight my muffin top turned into a muffin shop and I was at the point where I might have to start buying new clothes. That's where I knew the situation I was in was ridiculous.

So I faced the two words that strike fear into the heart of everyone. Diet and exercise. I cut out all sugar and cake and began to make my body sweat and push out all the excess I was carrying and BLIMEY was that an understatement. You probably know by now that I believe whole heartedly that the mind and body are one. They are reflected in each other. The less sugar I ate, the more I pushed my body the more memories came flooding to the surface. My dreams ( I keep a dream diary ) were about random things from my past, my emotions began to fluctuate, I mean insane mood swings and I found myself angry at people I hadn't thought of in years, I found myself angry at people who I never thought I was angry at. Turns out doctors are the worst patients so for every client I have sat down and explained the difference between intellectually processing something and emotionally processing something I was the one now on the other end of the sofa. And to make matters worse, I was the also the one giving the advice.

What stunned me more than anything was the level of fear in my system, Real legitimate fear. Everything came to the surface from elements of my childhood, to the bullying in school, to dealing with my sexuality, even the absolute fear of being a psychic. These were issues I hadn't thought of in years and I had genuinely thought that I had released them. But the deeper your're willing to love yourself the deeper you have to let go. And now I have. I FEEL more balanced. More centred. Emotionally well. Whilst walking my dog a few days ago I was chatting to the trees ( yes I talk to trees and yes, they talk back ) and I asked if the situation was done. As I asked I looked at my feet and there was a black ribbon on the path in front of me. Now you may know that tying ribbons to trees is an old pagan practice and a form of prayer. Each ribbon colour is used for a different type of prayer. Black is to release! So I tied it to the nearest tree with three knots and said a prayer of thanks.

My job is done for now but I am not naïve enough to say that it's done for ever.I only go by what I feel and what I feel right now is BETTER. More self loving and more warmth and the more I have to give to myself, the more I have to give to those in my life.


Thank you for listening and I hope that in the sharing of this story you are able to find a door to love yourself more.


Big Love



Live to the amount you let go.



It's been an incredibly eye opening learning curve recently and I have to say I've enjoyed every bit of it. My insight is developing and sharpening and I guess that's in part to me being more disciplined and choosing to ride the wave of this awakening instead of fighting against it.

As I looked out over my beautiful little Swansea City last night there seemed to be a moment of silence in the air. I love experiencing those times when you can almost hear and feel the universe moving around you. Things are on the move again and I am loving it. I feel stronger and more centred than I have ever done and there is a feeling of assured readiness that seems to be sweeping through my body. I feel bliss now on a daily basis. This morning walking my dog along the beach with my feet in the water I couldn't help but think about how grateful I am. Grateful that I am alive to experience this small piece of the world. Grateful that every morning I wake I finally know that I love who I am and where I am.

That has been an important lesson for me recently. I spend a lot of time planning and preparing for things that are coming, even this day job can be focussed on future events. This becomes so much so that I rarely make time for the present moment. At one point I even managed to turn walking my dog into time to make lists about things that needed doing and plans for future projects ( of which I always have several ). Recently though I have learned the importance of being where you are and when you are and not judging yourself for that. I speak to spirits on a daily basis and I am assured that none of that stuff matters anyway. We don't take that with us. The moments when you look at the people you love in your life and just simply sit there thinking about how much you love them... THAT's what we take. When you gaze at your beloved, when you kiss your kids, when you forgive, when you bask in how wonderful life can be, that truly is a gift.

You inevitably live to the amount you've loved. And you attain to the amount you're willing to let go.

Past Life Reading.

Those of you who have been coming for a reading over the last year or two might have noticed a slight change in some of the things I have been offering. Over the last year in particular I have become more and more sensitive to the information connected to "previous" lives.( I quote marked previous for a reason Ill explain in a sec! ). This has provided me with a fascinating look into the spirit as a whole and complete entity. My work is evolving in a way I never thought it would and it's been an incredible journey which I know I am only part of the way through.


I will be honest I find some of the things I've said to clients hysterical ( try telling someone they were a chimney sweep in a previous life with a straight face ) but I can see more and more the pattern that people choose over and over and the souls that stay close to each other in various existances and Im loving the whole process. Ive become so sensitive to the energy as a whole that I've been doing readings focussed specifically on different lives. I suppose the only thing offered to people who are interested in exploring that would be through regression which some are not comfortable with so that's where I come in!


What I am finding fascinating is the instant connection people have to what I'm saying. Most of them finally have an explanation for some weird and unexplained quirks, talents and phobias. Even tastes and skills can transcend different lives which was news to me! I dont fully understand the reason why I have become sensitive to this information and all I can think of is that as I have taken a more holistic approach to my life that is has expanded out to all other areas of my work. That deep peace I spoke about before is still healing and penetrating through layers of self and revealing to me some wonderful insights into myself and the world around me. 


Everything you are is existing right now, right in this moment which might be a weird concept to get your head around seeing as we have designed a time space reality that is worked around a linear functioning. A recognition of moment after moment. But the wholeness of who we are is bigger that the idea of time. So with knowledge that everything you are and have ever been ( and from our current perspective will be ) is existing right now it offers a much more understandable reason for why some things like traumas and talents can exist in your different lives. A good image to use is to imagine that every room in your house has in it a different version of you, if something big was happening in the room next to you you would know about it. Youd hear it. Maybe even feel it. Which is why some things from different lives can bleed across into various existances. Sometimes seeking resolve and sometimes seeking energy. Like I said I know I am only at the beginning of understanding everything that is happening right now but what I have found out so far is only serving to make me even more fascinated with everything we are! 

If this sounds like something you are interested in then let me know and we can go exploring together!


Big Love




A new house and a new angel!


                What a difference a new house makes! For those of you that have been to my last home I can’t wait for you to have a looksie at this one. It’s such a peaceful quiet space and I’ve already been doing readings in my now specially designated readings room, which carries the perfect energy for my work. This house is like an idea coming to life and I love it.

                The moving in process was not the stress filled rollercoaster I was expecting but it did provide some wonderful opportunities for me to recognise some old beliefs that need shifting. In the space of a weekend I managed to shift 12 years worth of everything from one place to another. I will admit, I got emotional, I got tired and it was hotter than the surface of the sun out there but I got into the new place and now this is the fun bit...figuring out where everything goes.

                I love the relationship people build with their homes and especially when the houses are old. You have to “learn” them. Which way to push the key so the door will open and which shelf you can and can’t reach. One of the things I learned about this house was a total surprise to me and I didn’t pick up on it until I did my first readings here.

                Everyone has said how lovely the house feels. It’s just one of the first comments people usually say when they come here. While meditating before readings the other day I began as I normally do to connect with a guide that’s been with me for years. He’s an angel who lets me do what needs to be done and he prepares the energy of the space I’m about to read or work in. Our relationship is intimate and trusting. He rarely speaks one to one with me but will often guide my thoughts to help me whenever I ask him to. On this particular occasion, whilst meditating he came to me and said, “There’s an angel already here, she belongs to the house.”. The moment he said the words I could see and feel her energy. She is peaceful, still and nurturing.

                Now I’m not a stranger to a spirit in a house. In fact the last flat I lived in had the spirit of an old man who used to show up now and again in the hallway. He used to live there, it wasn’t for a few years I realised he had also been visiting a neighbour on the opposite side of the wall in the exact same part of the corridor.... it’s funny the things you discover over a cup of tea. Anyway, I didn’t know that angels were assigned to houses, I guess in the back of my mind I knew that angels can be assigned to certain places but I never thought a house could have one. I wonder if she will ever speak or communicate with me directly? I’m not sure, I do know that she knows I’m here and I am open to us interacting at any point. I’ll keep you posted on how the whole thing goes... until then I must unpack!


Big Love


Ryan James   


Ps, I should have known something was up when on the first night her, right in the middle of the decking I found this....

Sacred space.

Houses carry the energies of the people who have lived in them. There’s no real two ways about it. This doesn’t necessarily mean spirits but sometimes a translatable energy can be left behind. I remember when I first came into this flat and I could feel the energy in the walls, something angry and resentful was in them so I spent some time clearing what was in there. It was only a week or two and a chat with a neighbour over a garden wall that revealed an alcoholic lived here before me.  I wasn’t shocked.

                This isn’t always intentional, in fact it rarely is but it just goes to show the sheer magnitude of the energy system that is us always leaves its footprint. I do receive a few emails regularly regarding this issue and to be fair most people don’t really need me. A once over in the house burning some “white sage” or “bay leaves” normally shifts any latent energy in the walls but if it is persistent and you really do feel like there is something more at work then give me message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

                I’ll be honest, out of all the houses I’ve visited over the years only 3 have actually housed an abrasive spirit. Most of what people are calling hauntings are usually just some dodgy energy left over from previous tenants and most of what I come across can be shifted with a bit of intention and good thoughts.  A simple prayer usually does the trick. It’s important I think to claim a space as your own, not to push out what was there before but maybe to settle yourself in to your corner of the universe. To state to yourself that in this space and timeframe this specific place if meant for you to grow within and only things that compliment that are welcome.  

                With the spiritual traffic in my house I take great importance to regularly cleanse my space of anything and everything uncomplimentary. I am so damned sensitive to energies that I pick up on EVERYTHING that’s left, which can be a nightmare so keeping the energy within and around me in good order benefits my life. I keep wind chimes, bells are good for me, certain crystals and burning herbs, meditations and prayers can all centre on initially claiming what is around me as mine. Your space is your circle, its where you invite your family and loved ones to interact with you, its where you learn and grow and evolve into the awareness of your own brilliance so I think just a small time each week can help you feel more settled in your environment.

                I am writing this because I am about to leave this house. Yes, I have finally manifested the perfect house for me!!! And it really is. It’s already decorated to my tastes and we’ve bought all the furniture ( already my tastes ) for an extremely reasonable price so all I have to do is put my stuff in the place. I am sooo eager for it!! I’ve actually already met the lady we’re buying the house from so I know first-hand how loved it’s been. I hope only to love it as much as the last owner and to create a new space in the universe to explore my heart and home.

A Big Howdy!


I know I’ve been away from the website and keeping in touch with you for a little while but I had some stuff to take care of. I had some of my own healing to do. Now everything is where it should be and I am where I want to be. I have finally allowed this deep wave of relaxation to penetrate all areas of my life and I feel effortless. Talking of effortless... I’m moving house!


Yes I have finally manifested the perfect place for me. It’s still in the area so you wont have to go much further to see me but I couldn’t have gotten more my style if I tried. It’s a big Victorian house filled with Victorian fireplaces, quirky sized rooms and plenty of space for me to do whatever I want with. I have a loft conversion which will be my art room ( I can’t leave that sentence without making a “flower in the attic” joke... ) and a separate room to do my readings and healing, a good garden for my pup Oscar plus I get to wake up every morning in a sea facing bedroom. I literally sit up in bed and I’m looking at the sea. The universe provided exactly what I wanted!!!


I also want to say thank you to those of you who have been passing my number on recently, my business has gone from busy to insane over the last few months and I’m completely enjoying the process. I’m meeting such interesting people and because of the new depth with which I’m reading I am getting to see bigger and brighter collections of people’s energies. As you might have noticed I’ve spent some time fancying up my website and I’m letting people know about different areas of my work. If you are interested in any of them then let me know and we can have a chat about it. There are also a few more things to come for the website so I shall let you know when all of these are ready.


I wont leave it so long next time and I hope to chat to some of you soon!


Ryan :o)


I live for inspiration. Always have done. It is by far one of my most favourite things to be a part of spiritually and creatively and over the last week or so it has come knocking on my door again. Just when I thought I could catch a glimpse of something called “Spare time” the universe saw fit to chuck me an idea that is completely exiting, inspiring and now its beginning to consume me! That’s how I can tell when I’m supposed to follow. I have a hundred ideas a minute and I want to complete them all which can be, from time to time, a little frustrating but when a biggie comes along it totally seems to fill each corner of my brain until it’s done. Today is my day off, and I make sure I get a day off each week, ok, I am normally doing something work related but it never feels like work so I don’t mind. When I’m working on an idea that comes from a place of inspiration it just seems to flow and take shape. All hurdles seem minimal, all time spent on it seems worthwhile and it feels like there’s a “calling” to do it.

I can’t share with you yet exactly what it is but before long I will have new things to share with you and new places to reach for. All the pieces of the universe are lining up to give birth to something new and I am grateful to be a part of it.

Ask yourself if you’ve ever felt consumed by an idea? A Calling? A movement toward expression. If you have send me an email, I love hearing about these things. If you haven’t then send me an email about that too and maybe I can help!


Big Love


Ryan James

Becoming a leader!

YOU are the leader of the life you have created. The amount of times I have wrestled with that concept is ridiculous. I am just like everyone else on their journey. Searching for the “right” thing to do. Looking for a teacher to guide me at every turn. I meet countless people in this space and time and time again I have to inform them that their life is THEIRS. You control so much of what you see and feel and hear. When I tell people that you are a UNIVERSE I mean it. How much of your day are you happy? Truly down to your boots happy? YOU made that and you can change it if you wish. Add more. Take some away. Its up to you. You fill your life with everything that is in your heart., whether you want to or not.


If there is a monster to fight, a demon to wrestle, YOU put them there. A friend to welcome, a friend to let go of, YOU created that. And you can do it again. If you wish.


LOSE ATTATCHMENT. Lose yourself. Lose every part of who you think you were or who you think you are becoming. What you are and what you are becoming are so much greater than anything you can imagine. We get glimpses of it and I LIVE for that.  Today pivot. Today reorient yourself towards a lighter, free, more momentous aspect of yourself. You don’t have to do anything besides make the choice and then follow what comes!


YES, here at PSYCHIC SWANSEA I am running this competition again! I had fun doing this last time and I cant wait to do it again! The rules are exactly the same...



On Valentines day I shall be announcing the winner and from that point we can arrange a date and time that is mutually beneficial for the both of us!

If you have already added your email address to the list then you are automatically entered into this competition!

Thank you for taking part!

Big Love

Ryan James

A gentle reminder

You have been given this wonderful gift. Something magical, awe-inspiring, powerfully magnetic and drenched in utter bliss. You were given this freely and will never be asked to pay for it, to protect it or to give something up for it. However it would help you a lot if you learned to respect it. Everything you are, EVERYTHING YOU ARE is born of this amazing energy. Some call it God, some call it Mother Nature, some Allah, some “The Universe”, some Chi. The name isn’t important but what I would like to remind all of you who read this is that you didn’t stop being this energy when you came into this body. You didn’t forget you were the substance of god. You didn’t forget you were Mother Natures beloved. You tried, I certainly did. But you can never get too far away from it. It would be like trying to step away from your blood. It is the substance of who you are.


Do you really realise that you are a universe?  Do you know how deeply and intricately you create the world around you? Do you know that each molecule of your being is nothing more and nothing greater than an amazing idea of itself? That each cell in your body is conscious? Today I remind you of your power, your presence, your grace, your connection to your own idea. I watch so many get so caught up in day to day trivialities ( of which I must admit I am totally guilty of too ). I watch people cry and moan and lose so much time and energy to pointless things. They fill their minds and heart with old anger, old resentments, current inconveniences. I have literally seen in my lifetime tears and drama because someone didn’t like the carpet they bought!!! But its not my place to judge what is important to you. Because some things are important to you. I would just like to remind you today to take some time to step out of your current pattern of thought. Try for a moment to fill your head with the knowledge that you were born to breathe life into which ever world you chose to create. You are truly magnificent and you always have been.


From my heart and centre I offer you a lifeline to yours.


Big Love


Ryan James

The cauldron.

      Are you brave enough to still believe in magic? The process of growing old is inevitable but the choice to grow up is ( thankfully ) completely optional and it’s that choice that’s been on my mind recently.  It’s the time of year for review and to take a good look at what we want to do and how we want to change, it’s the time of year when we try to motivate ourselves into a new way of living on this planet. Honestly, sometimes it works and sometimes it won’t. Sometimes who you are is in the way of who you want to be. But whether you like it or not this is a time of magic.

     A desire is like a spell. Something you cast out into the universe, your mind is the cauldron, the boiling pot of ingredients that dictate how well and how strong that spell becomes. Your words and actions are the potion that you feed those around you with. Your spell will be successful one way or the other you just have to get everything working together. If your cauldron is perfect but your potion is weak then the spell will just take longer to create itself. And if your potion is amazing but your cauldron chaotic then the same result will apply.

    Thankfully though each spell comes with a complete easy to read step by step instruction manual of how to make your desires touchable. That manual is your intuition. All you need to do is shut up long enough to be able to listen to it. It sends you nudges, thoughts, daydreams, and people on a similar path to let you know how close you are to receiving what you desire. This is one of the many beautiful ways in which the universe works. Your desire is your spell and each spell instantly works you just need the silence of your own mind in order to touch it.

     We lose our ability to pretend as we grow up but thanks to an amazing mother and a crazy bunch of friends that was never lost to me. Because it was never lost I was able to make a life for myself that I am still to this day shocked to wake up inside of. I have plenty of money, a good job, an amazing man in my life and I CHOOSE how to spend each day. I live the creative life I always wanted. I live with PURPOSE. I live ON purpose. I have plenty of creative projects to choose from and I regularly meet interesting people all because I refuse to grow up. All because I pretend and play. All because I refuse to disconnect with the deep resonant joy that is the universe. This doesn’t mean that l don’t come across some wonderful opportunities to grow. And it doesn’t mean that I skip through the streets in a permanent happy go lucky state. Without the colourful contrasts and shades of experience how would I find experiences that could help me to love and express myself more?!

     Take the pressure off yourself. For a moment, a minute, be the princess in the castle, be the handsome knight rescuing maidens, be superman, be wonder woman, stick your coat over your head and pretend it’s a cape, stick curtain nets over your head and pretend its a veil, dance in the kitchen, draw a picture for your mum, buy yourself a cuddly toy, read a kids book again, GET CRAYONS, wear a silly hat, don’t care if you’re wrong and think as often as you can about something that makes you belly laugh and most importantly BE BRAVE ENOUGH AGAIN TO BELIEVE IN MAGIC. You used to, and you can again.     



I can intently feel parts of my mind waking up and becoming more dominant and I feel the catty scratches of ego as it loses control. I am stepping into my presence more than I have ever done. Living so squarely in light that it is shining to every little corner of my life.  There have been little things like “Oh, I never knew that was there!” and , “I didn’t know I still believed that!”. My inner space has been cleaning itself up and it’s becoming effortless. I am now moment by moment in some cases intuitively feeling the feeling places from which I speak and think. This presence, this connection to higher self/inner self/ god consciousness, whatever term you have for it is taking over. I really never knew how much I loved to fight it!


Allowing light into your heart will flood through every aspect of you. Each little fear will be held up and faced. Each corner of your mind will be unfolded and spread out, so that it can be healed and loved and released. The illusion is that these are “My” issues. If we only allowed ourselves to feel the complexity of the word “Me”, we would see how ridiculous that statement is. Nothing squarely belongs to you and never will, because you are a collaboration. A giant painting. It’s like one note claiming that it’s the whole song. One colour claiming it’s the whole painting. You have within you a collection of experiences and what you do with them is up to you. Loving them is wise, learning from them is inevitable, what you learn from them is always up to you.  


It’s been a great time of growth for me and I have been seeing some wonderful reflections of myself in the world. I have finally done something that I have been trying to do for a while, LET GO. Surrender is nothing short of the first action toward bliss. I am happy to step off the rollercoaster of ego, leave me at the side with my candy floss thank you very much. I feel it though sometimes, pulling at me. Wanting me to go back into my victimhood and martyrdom ( it takes real skill to develop martyrdom about your victimhood... almost a gift some might say ). But here I have been in the presence of nature filling my life up with love and healing.  Leaving the invisible “them” out of the picture.


For every person reading this I offer you the light that is the substance of the universe. I pray you awaken to the love that you are made from.



A blissful gift!

Here we are again on a Sunday morning. It’s catch up time! Well, a fair bit has been happening and there’s loads more to come. Readings have been through the roof and I am succeeding in my personal goals of pushing myself and expanding my mind, heart and centre into new spaces. Now I love goal setting, what virgo doesn’t, but it’s the things that you don’t intend to happen on your journey that always fascinate me. Daily I feel my mind getting stronger, my readings more accurate and the connection between me and spirit more fluid. I am able to do alot more and I am eager for more challenges.


This week I was given the most blissful gift. I was walking out under the sky and for a moment I felt the world completely shift around me. The air seemed to electrify and I could feel nothing but this joyful, clam, expansive energy. In that moment I could viscerally, tangibly feel my connection to everything that was around me. I love these moments. I felt myself cleansed of any debris that was standing in between me and utter bliss.


The meditation class is tomorrow. I have kept it intentionally small so that I can keep an eye on the energies you lot tap into. It’s been a while since I’ve ran a group like this so I can’t wait to see the amazing unfolding of everyone’s spiritual journey.

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