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A day to remember...

Well its that time of year again!

Halloween is traditionally a day for remembering those who have passed, where the veil between our world and the countless others is thin. A pagan new year. An ending of one cycle. A welcoming of winter. The traditionalist in me does love a good ritual this time of year, a place where I can say thank you to the spirits that make my life the amazing journey it is. And it is.

I hold so much love in my heart today for my Nanna Elaine and Nanna Jackie, for Grampa Billy and Grandpa Mervyn, for my auntie Gaynor, for Francis and for my dear friend Ailsa. Today I hold all the lessons they taught me with such gratitude and appreciation and do everything in my power to live those lessons thoroughly. The angels that bless my life both physically focussed and the guides in spirit that help me bring more and more light into my being, today is my day to be thankful to them.

It is also a day where you can decide what needs to be released from your life. What needs to be brought into your life. What cycles will you contemplate next? Tonight I will put together an alter and fill it with pictures of my loved ones and choose which parts of me to release next. Choose which part of me should be brought to the surface. Send light, love and magic to all those I feel drawn to this evening.

Write your wish on a piece of paper, burn the paper in a candle flame and bury the ashes near some Ivy. Give thanks to the spirits that paved this path before you and remember those who whisper quietly in our ears. Send light out to your neighbours and ask that they be guided toward their own sense of peace. Send love to your family because they (knowingly or not) made you who you are today. Give thanks, remember your blessings and my wish for you is that for as long as you can today remember the beauty that resides within you.


Big Love.


This is my FIRST official competition from! How exiting! I'm keeping it all nice and simple, all you need to do to enter is sign up to my mailing list. That's it!! Then on DECEMBER 1st, I shall see how many email addresses are on there and put that number in the random number generator, which ever number comes out will be the email address I choose to give away the free reading! It really is that easy!

The mailing list box is at the bottom left of my website! 

Good Luck!

Ryan :o) 




Updates on everything!


     I finally have a few moments to sit down and share with you! Phew! Busy all the time lately, thank god for this cup of tea!

     Right, first thing is first, TRANQUIL MINDS have contacted me to offer me a room in their centre to work from!!! IT was so perfectly timed its actually funny. The place is big enough to run small workshops and events plus a room that is just the right size for me to do my healing work from! I don’t mind doing my healing work from home but I’m always a bit conscious of the students next door, to be fair they have been good but with the healing I do need a certain level of peace and quiet to be able to concentrate! So, this centre is perfect PLUS it’s a hop skip and a jump from my house! BONUS!

     Plus, the very same day I was contacted by Tranquil Minds another local psychic called Calvin contacted me and asked if I’d like a space in his upcoming Psychic Fayre at the Welcome Inn, Swansea! I’ve been wanting new experiences with my work and this seemed like a perfect opportunity, so on the 26th Nov I shall be sat at a table and waiting for bookings. I’m eager for the whole thing, plus to network and chat to other psychics will be a great help to me on a personal level. Just being able to “talk shop” with someone who knows exactly the way this work can be is a relief!

     And just when things couldn’t get busier, this morning whilst walking the dog I felt a familiar feeling, a synchronistic rustling of leaves and openness to the universe. Them upstairs have more work for me to do. So over this winter I shall be even busier on some new projects they have to offer me. It’s weird though just how exited I am about the whole thing. I should be asking them to slow down and give me five minutes!

     Also, I’m thinking of adding a new section to the website regarding articles about my perspectives on different subjects. A spiritual one maybe. We shall see!

     Big Love


Ryan xx

Letting go of a cold....

Angel Card for the Day : Truth and Integrity

Intuitive Insight : Look for ways you hold your light away from you


                Well what a week! It is another lazy Sunday morning and I am here with the dog going nuts running around in circles next to me and the students singing random songs next door ( I assume working off the remnants of last night’s alcohol ).  This week has been non-stop readings, healings and my daily meditations have been stilling my mind enough to allow some truly amazing insights and feelings through. There does seem to be a lot of focus this week on letting go. I’ve had a smidge of that cold that’s been doing the rounds, yes I do get the irony of a medical intuitive and healer getting sickly, so a few quiet moments with myself later I realise that I haven’t quite dealt with a small sadness I’ve been carrying around.

                Basically in the last month most of my closest friends have moved away. Some out of the country, some not so far and while I am ridiculously happy that they are all getting the things they want and doing the things that are true for them there is still that bit of sadness of saying goodbye. I didn’t really feel like dealing with it so... my body decided to floor me for a day until I released the energy from my system.  That’s what I think most colds do, and what they represent in our energy systems. Physically a cold slows your body down to release all the built up toxins and gunk you’ve accumulated, so it makes only sense that that’s also what it does emotionally and spiritually. I’ve learned over the years to just sit down and shut up when a cold grips my body. Physically I do what I can to assist my immune system and spiritually I allow whatever conflict has caused it to come to the surface.

                Suffice it to say I am better now, small bits and pieces of it are still rumbling around my lungs ( the house of identity, more on that in a later blog ) but that will dissipate in the next week.  I still have a few small announcements to make, events to book and spiritual insights to explore and I will share more with you all in the next entry!


Big Love


Ryan James

Day at Wholly Well

Well I finally have some time to sit down and catch up! What a week! Spirit were not kidding when they told me to get ready, let's hope they have a new brain for me at the end of all this! haha

This week I'd like to talk to you about Wholly Well, a lovely place in Gorseinon that I thouroughly enjoyed being at this weekend. I'm used to reading from home, from someone else's home, or at one time stood on a bar ( shudder ), so to be in a centre that is focussed on spirituality and healing was a lovely experience. I could feel the healing energy of the room I was in and the soothing music and incence helped me to focus and relax at the same time. I've already had tonnes of bookings from my day there and will seriously consider re doing another one in a month.

Until then I shall be focussing on a few things this month, I'm doing my very first psychic supper which will have limited bookings so get in there early, I'm going to be doing a healing day, I have halloween to prepare for and I've also decided in order to help launch this website to offer a free reading! I will post it here in a week or two and I'll cover my facebooks with it to let you know how to enter my little competition!


Thats all for this week,


Big Love


Ryan James

Welcome to Psychic Swansea

Hello everyone!

     Pull up a chair and get yourselves a cuppa, this is the FIRST EVER BLOG for Psychic Swansea. This blog is a place where I can share any spiritual insight I feel compelled to with you and you are always free to discuss it with me. I will be honest, I had no intention of building a website, this whole process is a jouney that began well over a month ago. I was walking my dog through the park and the spirits began to whisper, they actually gave me the name Psychic Swansea and told me to start "hosting". Start creating a space for those who are inclined to take the next step in their spiritual journey. This isn't just about giving out psychic readings, the whole intent of what I do is to give people what they need to make the right choices in their lives, the right choices for them.

     I love nothing more than seeing people get their desires. A communication with someone they wanted to speak to, a feeling of relief, a way through grief, a personal healing or to finally accept their soulmate into their lives. Even though my part in this role is rather small I thoroughly enjoy allowing my gifts to guide those around me to their greatest happiness.

     I have over the years found so many beautiful spirits ( both physical and not ) who have opened my eyes to the depth and love that we are made of. They have guided me to this point, a point where my journey now needs to move past solely focussing on my personal readings and into something else. The spirits have said that it's time I started hosting psychic nights and spiritual events to share they lessons they have given me with those around me and so that's what I'm about to do.

     This is where all of you come in. I am on the hunt for small venues, small places where I can run events. If you have any ideas or thoughts then drop me an email or leave a comment!

     I am excited to see where this is going to take all of us!


Big Love

Ryan James

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