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Setting the right tone for the year.


I'm back! I'm settled and I can not believe it's a month today since I moved into this house! What a wonderful and exhausting time! We still have boxes everywhere because on the weekends when we weren't running around doing house moving stuff, then the festive season stuff, my poor Stu got sick from all the lack of rest! So, I morphed into Florence Nightingale for a few weeks! Most of the house is now clean, useable and we are deciding what we want to do with what room. It's all the exciting bits now, colours and paints and wall papers, it's like a giant canvas to me and I really feel a strong urge to nest. Also, we have a coal fire here ( which I will change to make more eco friendly ) but as it turns out I lack the basic human skill of fire making so watching me do that a few nights ago was a comedy sketch in itself. Now this is always what I consider the first week of January because it's the first full week where there are no parties, interuptions or anything major going on. It's just head down and back to work. I'm eager to get my head back into doing proper readings again and back into my normal routine.



I can't ignore though that something profound has shifted. I'm sleeping better, feeling more clear and the readings I'm doing in this house just seem a little bit more relaxed. I have also noticed a little change in my goal setting. I do need my goals. I am a work horse and typical bloke in that respect. If I don't have a set point to work towards I inevitably end up watching Netflix and eating too much sugar. When I have a plan in front of me I just tick it off as I go along and I feel much better in doing so. What I have noticed in the last month is the lack of pressure behind my goals now. I have begun to just work rather than lash at my own back to get myself motivated. This whole process of moving home and how it happened has strengthed my relationship with my intuition and has also helped me to unravel ideas of intention and intentionality. I havent' added any new goals to my lists for this year other than to replay some of the fun projects I didn't get done last year but, what I have done is added a central core intention. To deepen my relationship with my intuition. Which is the same as saying to deepen my relationship with my inner being. Which is the same as saying to make more time to be curious about the world.



It's important before we run head first into our resolutions and working lives for the next year that we bring to the table a core need to reserve time to wonder at the world around us. It's the bread crumbs of the soul that I find so interesting. I love to watch things grown and shape and shift. Each time I have been open enough to follow, really follow my intuition my life has changed in beautiful ways. It has brought me a healthier body, a healthier social circle, a wonderful relationship and now a new home. I know this time of year is always full of new ideas and new beginnings but I think that above all it would benefit us to reserve the right to scrap all of them if our intuition tells us to. For me I will keep plodding along as always but this year my intention is to keep a closer ear to the ground. To make a more concerted effort towards creating silence enough to hear the whispers of my soul. Sound like a good idea to you? Give it a try!



Thank you for reading,



Happy New Year!



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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