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     I finally have a few moments to sit down and share with you! Phew! Busy all the time lately, thank god for this cup of tea!

     Right, first thing is first, TRANQUIL MINDS have contacted me to offer me a room in their centre to work from!!! IT was so perfectly timed its actually funny. The place is big enough to run small workshops and events plus a room that is just the right size for me to do my healing work from! I don’t mind doing my healing work from home but I’m always a bit conscious of the students next door, to be fair they have been good but with the healing I do need a certain level of peace and quiet to be able to concentrate! So, this centre is perfect PLUS it’s a hop skip and a jump from my house! BONUS!

     Plus, the very same day I was contacted by Tranquil Minds another local psychic called Calvin contacted me and asked if I’d like a space in his upcoming Psychic Fayre at the Welcome Inn, Swansea! I’ve been wanting new experiences with my work and this seemed like a perfect opportunity, so on the 26th Nov I shall be sat at a table and waiting for bookings. I’m eager for the whole thing, plus to network and chat to other psychics will be a great help to me on a personal level. Just being able to “talk shop” with someone who knows exactly the way this work can be is a relief!

     And just when things couldn’t get busier, this morning whilst walking the dog I felt a familiar feeling, a synchronistic rustling of leaves and openness to the universe. Them upstairs have more work for me to do. So over this winter I shall be even busier on some new projects they have to offer me. It’s weird though just how exited I am about the whole thing. I should be asking them to slow down and give me five minutes!

     Also, I’m thinking of adding a new section to the website regarding articles about my perspectives on different subjects. A spiritual one maybe. We shall see!

     Big Love


Ryan xx

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