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What is compassion really?


Compassion is your pain in my heart and then out through my hands.”

  • Glennon Doyle





It's challenging to strike a balance between healing the world where it needs it and also holding others to their own responsibilities. In the microcosm of my life I often need to take a moment and check in with myself to see whether what I am doing is out of love or whether it is enabling someone. Too often my kindness has been taken advantage of. I have given my time, my resources to those who were just out for what they could get. Then there are those people in my life who really needed a helping hand and when I gave it, it was appreciated. It really takes practice to discern between the two but over the years I can say that I mostly get it right. Now and again one will slip under my radar or I'll find myself operating with an old habit system but on the most part I offer help not only where it is needed but also ( hopefully ) where it can be most impactful. I will also draw my energy away from people and or situations that feel like they are draining me. For me personally, one of the major steps I had to over come to even begin learning how to discern between energy snatchers and just those in help was to overcome the desire to be seen as being “nice” by others. Because people have very different ideas of what “nice” is and you'd be surprised how often “nice” reads “doormatt” in the minds of people who are after what you have.



Once you've stopped caring about how you are seen and you've checked yourself for victimhood and martyrdom then, you can start to emotionally engage with what is in front of you. Only when you are present can you figure out what someone is really after when they approach you. But how does this apply when we talk about bigger issues? How does energy awareness in the day to day of your life impact the political and social issues of our time? I personally think it's down to the clarity of your example. I know that it is a popular idea these days to consider marches as a form or protest but, I think that these marches have gone to a place where they are ineffective. At best they are an answer to a primal call to gather in times of threat. At worst they are an act of self branding for social media feeds. Quite simply they do not work. Gathering can work so long as compassionate dialogue is at it's core. If these protests became places where action plans were drawn up I think they could help more. I have yet to go on a march because I find them ineffective in our current climate. I protest with my money. I protest with my day to day actions. I spend in the direction of my own morality and I raise awareness as and when I feel it's appropriate.



As you all know I care about animal wellfare. I am vegan ( I say ish because there are a few definitions out there! ). I also vote in local elections and engage in conversations about subjects that I am passionate about. When I come across something that I feel is morally wrong, I speak up. I am not saying this to be self righteous and by no means do I get it right all the time but I do try. Things get past me. I sometimes open my mouth before my brain is engaged. I react. I am human. I do however try my best to look into ways I can personally evolve my sense of compassion. Which is not just about empathising with a situation but acknowledging a call to create change when it comes. We can't all fix the problems of the world on our own but, we can fix what is in front of us. We can design our lives in accordance with our morals. We can stand up to moral injustice in our political and economic structures not by standing on a street and screaming but by gathering in compassion and drawing up a strategic plan. Not a plan of attack or a vessel for revenge but something that will help hold us to our moral obligations. I think that can be useful when applied to our own lives and the world around us.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x




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