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Hello loves,



The moon pierced the windows of my hotel room and Stuart was attempting to snore next to me. I wasn't tired, after a long day of being sat by the pool, sipping cocktails and eating whatever I wanted this holiday was doing exactly what I needed it to do. There is a difference between no longer being exhausted and actually being rested and that's what I could feel happening to my body. I never thought we'd be the couple that goes to the same place every year but this year I needed the greek sand under my feet and the greek sun on my face. Maybe it's because I have family history there, I'm not really sure but, the second I step off that plane into Greece I feel like I'm home. I could feel my body unwinding piece by piece and starting to repair. I got up from the bed and made myself a small cuppa ( emphasis on small, next year I'm taking a giant mug for my tea ) then sat on the balcony in full view of the moon. All I could hear was the sound of the ocean loudly beating the rocks and the chirping of bats hunting for their nightly meal. I sipped my tea as the light of the moon pierced my skin and a deep feeling of safety became awakened. It was almost as if I heard my soul speak to me and it was reminding me of a truth that I needed reminding of. I am safe. I am loved. I am divine.



I let go in that moment and I felt a shift in my energy. If I'm honest I had no idea exactly what I was letting go of but I could feel healing spirits doing their work on me. Releasing a pain body, an old idea, the stress I've held onto in the corners of my life over the last few years, whatever it was I exhaled deeply and for the first time in months I could properly hear myself think. From that point on an awareness of ease slowly made it's way not only back to the surface of my mind but I watched as it slowly became my dominant feeling. I know that holidays are designed for this. They are meant to help you relax and disconnect for a while but the exact opposite was happening to me. I felt like the quiet of the place rekindle a deeper awareness of my inner voice. The trick is now, of course, to make sure that remains now that I'm back. I do think though that the awareness of that shift will be enough. I feel like I am less at the mercy of others energy and more interested in the shifts that are happening around my life. I feel truly wealthy and blessed.



I think we all have places in the world where we reset. Thankfully one of mine is Swansea Bay. No matter what time of year it is if I feel too cluttered then I pop down with some coffee or hot chocolate and sit on the big steps and not think for a minute. Now that I live even closer to the beach I have been going down less, taking it for granted maybe? Well this trip was a little nudge to remind me not to do that any more. I know we can't all pop off to sunny lands every time we feel a bit “brain-busy” but that's what makes me grateful that we live in such a beautiful part of the world. So many beaches, woods, trees right on our doorstep and so often we forget to visit nature and in doing so we forget to let ature visit us. What places in our little city are special to you? Where do you go to clear your mind? Share them and maybe I can discover more places to visit. I know everything ultimitely exists within us and that we don't need to go anywhere to access a feeling but, sometimes a small break in routine can be enough to remind us of something that we have been over looking. For me, it's been a wonderful reminder of one of the many fundamental truths that I build my life on. What might it be for you?



Take care of yourself.


Big Love,


Ryan James x


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