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When making a hard decision.


You can't get too far into your life without having to have made some hard decisions. In fact it's the main reason most people knock at my door! I say it often but I'll say it again here, your intuition is always a better psychic for you than I can ever be. All psychics really do is reflect the deep personal truths that you have habitually tried to forget, buried or just plain over looked and bring them to the surface. We don't create anything in particular, we just reveal what's already there. It's the real essence of a medium. We are vessels for all kinds of truths, personal ones, universal ones and spiritual ones. I do understand that maybe not everyone feels like they can hear spirits in the same way as psychics can but I am a firm believer in that we are born with everything that we will ever need, even if sometimes that's the insight to reach out for help. I think when viewed correctly psychics can become an enlightening part of your spiritual tapestry. We can point out things you might over look or help you rediscover a part of yourself that you had forgotten you can tap into. But if you abuse the dynamic then all that happens is that you get the same information over and over again or, spirits will just stop delivering information to the psychic.



As much advice as you illicit from people around you ultimately you have to make the decision for yourself. It's your life that will have to deal with any fall out as a result so it's always on your shoulders. In that quiet moment before you sleep you have to align yourself with your own dignity and sense of morality. Before you close our eyes the quiet chatter of your spirit is more easily heard and it is always calling you in the direction of your conscience. This is why I always think that it's best to do any sort of intuitive exercises before bed. Your conscious mind is tired by that point so your intuitive mind is much more free to play. I always advise journalling as a great way to start interacting with your intuition. Treat your intuition as a person and write a letter to it and then try writing a response from the imagined perspective of your intuition. You'd be surprised how much clarity can come from that exercise. I used to do it quite often but I'd forgotten about it until recently. Write down everything that you want help with and then ask that wonderful internal GPS where to go and what to do. Keep doing it and record the results.



Another thing I enjoy doing before bed is my gratitude practice. I slip in and out of it but each time I get back to it I always wonder why I let it go. Writing down what you are grateful for, for that day, puts you in control over what you are choosing to take from the day-sized chunk of energy you just experienced. This is turn hones your energy and of course with that comes an increased dialogue with your intuition. Look, I'm not trying to talk myself out of a job and I'm not buggering off either! I'll always be here doing my readings for all those that want some insight but I never want to foster the feeling that I am somehow necessary for your enlightenment, although, some of my favourite memories over the last 20 years is when I have been witness to spirit use my readings to create that catalyst of light. If right now you are facing something that feels tough, be aware that you are already sitting there with everything you need. The world is talking to you all the time. Sending you messages. Sending you people. Sending you light and grace. Just be open enough to listen and always, ALWAYS, follow your gut.



Thank you for listening,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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