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Where did that come from?


 In less than 2 weeks I leave this house and sitting here surrounded by boxes and lists I am at the point where I am counting the days! So, of course, any resistance to the move, any self doubt within my own energy has had a only small window of opportunity to manifest... and it has. Like I've said in previous blogs even though I have wholeheartedly followed my gut on this one, probably with more faith than most of my life decisions ( mainly because it impacts Stuart soo ) I have also never questioned an intuition as much as I have this one. It's been such a weird back and forth. If the intuition wasn't as clear as it was and the signs to move as blatant as they have been I probably would have called it off a while ago. But of course, when you allow a certain amount of energy within your own body it's going to create a ripple effect in your environment. This week the guy who is moving us has hurt his back so can't commit to the move, we've found out that we don't actually own the deeds to the front steps of our house ( I know, am I supposed to pole vault into my garden? ) and there's whispers of delay with the buyer. All of this came to light over the weekend and if I were any less of a man I would have fallen to the ground and cried fowl at the Universe for not making this a “smoothe transition” but all I could do was laugh at myself and say, “Well done Ry!”.



I know things will level out. I know this wont really hinder anything. I know that by friday of this week it will all be plain as day and O.K in front of me. The only reason I'm talking about it is because it's interesting to think about the lens through which we look at what we are creating. If my energy were more dominantly rooted in self doubt I might have looked upon those bumps in the road and seen tham as signs. I might have allowed them to cost me a good mood. At worst I would have let them stop me moving forward at all but if anything they made me smile. I know that what I am creating for myself is in my best interests and each time I step fully into that energy I know that I am making all the right choices. Connecting and reconnecting with that inner truth over and over also helps me to see the energy content of what shows up in my life. You really can see which part of your energy created which part of your life. Through a discerning eye it's hard not to see. Is your job a reflection of your heart or is it a reflection of a learned sense of duty? Is the chaos you're facing a reflection of what you have allowed within yourself or is your life emptying? Different parts of you are creating all the time. The world around you is ultimitely an echo of the spirit within you.



I know that last sentence might be a little intense for a Tuesday morning but it doesn't make it any less true. It also doesn't make what you experience any less painful or joyful or make you any less responsible for what turns up in front of you. Your life is of your own making. If you remain in a space of fear it's so easy to start acting like a victim to the world around you. Trust me, that never ends well! If you create love, stayin the space of love and try to see the world through the lens of love then instead of crying foul when things don't work out you just end up being pro active. Within the space of 24 hours near enough all the little bumps that turned up have been taken care of and we are back on course. I knew exactly what had created what in my experience and therefore knew how to react to it. Take a little look at your life and think about which parts of you are playing out where. Once you've identified it's much easier to get a handle on them and course correct! Good Luck.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x

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