Psychic Swansea


Past/ Alternative lives


Most of us understand the concept of past lives, the idea that we have lived as different people at different time zones along our history. We even understand the idea of "Soul Mates", the concept that one or more people floow us from lifetime to lifetime constantly helping us and expressing love to us. I have a slightly different take on it.


Time as we understand it is merely our ability to chronologically organise our experiences. Time only exists in the present moment. So ALL of your selves are existing right now. There is no "previous" when it comes to your spirit, that sort of thinking belongs only to us.


I have noticed while reading the spiritual energy of clients that there were certain energies and experiences that seemed to not be emmanating from their current life experience. That there were certain aspects that didn't belong to the life I was reading. Over time I was able to unlock and identify the connection between each seperate existance. Helping the client understand the influences of different lifetimes and how they are currently being affected by them has become part of my work.


Your spirit is a gathering of different energies, all seperate and unique but all working together. Think of a bee hive and how all the seperate pieces move as one. If something happens to one part of it, it's not long before every part of that collective knows.