Psychic Swansea


Beauty is the rhythm of the rain.


Beauty is the rhythm of the rain.



Dear Universe,



Beauty is the rhythm of the rain,

the turning of the earth,

the smiling of the sun,

Beauty is the movement of your breath,

the minute extra sleep,

the love in which I run.

Beauty is the laugh you can't contain,

A mothers love.

A father's grace.

Beauty is walking with God,

Carried by the angels,

washing clean my face.


Beauty is the working of my body,

and the way it moves

and the way it looks to my eyes.

Beauty is the skin in which I live

the flowing of my blood

my mind to God's skies.

Beauty is in letting it all go

Surrendering to light

and letting peace be in me.

Beauty is in listening to the wind,

the swaying of the trees

and letting my heart free.


Teach me today that I am made

of everything you meant me to be.

Teach me today that I am beautiful

and show me the ways in which to see it.

Teach me today that I am of you

born within you and lived still by you.

Teach me today that I am sacred

that I am blessed and made

from the substance of love.



Thank you.

And the sun rises still.


And the sun rises still.



Dear God,



When I look at your creation and I dare to say it's not enough,

When I don't honour the life you put in my heart,

When I choose rage over forgiveness and wounds over wonder,

Remind me that I am choosing less than myself.

Remind me that today the earth continues to turn.

That the birds will continue to sing,

and the sun still rises.



When I infect peace with business and digest my own chaos,

When I lose my mind to ego and stop expressing love,

When I dwell in my history instead of my potential,

When the drama of pain is more enticing that stillness,

Remind me that I am choosing less than myself.

Remind me that today the Earth continues to turn.

That the birds will continue to sing,

and the sun still rises.



When I pretend I don't hold all the answers and cry “lost” at every turn,

When I live my life for any moment other than now,

When I think of my body as anything other than a treasured gift,

When I confuse wealth with freedom and money with happiness,

Remind me that I am choosing less than myself.

Remind me that the earth continues to turn.

that the birds will continue to sing,

and the sun still rises



Remind me that I am witness to the life I live inside of,

Remind that I speak the words you've placed inside my mouth,

Remind me that I hear the sounds you placed inside my ears,

Remind me that you are the love flowing through me.

Remind me that rivers run and trees sway,

Remind me that frogs leap and kids play,

Remind me that smoke rises and fires burn,

Remind me that flowers bloom and the moon is always with us.

Remind me that the earth continues to turn.

That birds continue to sing,

and that every morning,

the sun still rises.




As within so above.


As within So above.




Dear God,


Unravel the patterns of my life and lay me out,

Stretch me over fields and plant flowers in my hands.

Let the flowers grow to be the fountain of your grace.

Let the flowers grow into your divine plans.


Unravel the pain inside my body

Let me know the peace in between each breath.

Help me see the light inside the light that fills the Earth.

Help me see beyond the veil I've come to know as death.


Unravel my senses till I know only a silence.

Unravel my hands so all I can hold is you.

Stretch my back tall into the thinking space of angels.

Lift my feet into the graces you would have me do.


Today I am open and quiet in my asking.

Today I ask you let me feel your love.

Today as I unravel let me find a piece of silence.

Today I ask you only

Make my heart as within, so above.



With me now.


With me Now.



My Dearest Angel,



I know you are in heaven now,

and heaven is just a thought away.

Your light will never leave my heart

the love you shared is here to stay.

I held your hand for just a moment

But just a moment was just enough

For many walk this Earth

that never got the grace of your loving touch.

You were a strength inside a light

That no one really understood.

And no one really needed to,

you loved as deeply as you could.

And now you dance on clouds

and fly upon the wings of butterflies.

We talk and laugh still in my dreams

your joy the tears in my eyes.

There is no death, no other room

no separation, no disconnect

You've always been here and always will be

In the space in between each breath.

In your body, out of body,

inside out and upside down

I've always seen the angel in you

and I feel you with me now.



Thank you,



Bless you.  

Beloved is the ground.




Great Mother,


Beloved is the ground I walk on,

I give my peace of mind to trees,

Let me lay upon the river,

Let me float and feel the breeze

of watching clouds as they pass over,

Let me know that I am blessed.

Clothed in love and made of wonder,

Let my passion know no rest.

Let me run with wolves and lions,

Let me swim with whales and fish,

Let me know the joy of having

and pursuing every wish.



Beloved is the heart I carry,

I give my love to love itself.

Hold my body in your comfort,

Let me seek kindness as wealth.

Make me rich in love and family,

Like you made me rich in blood and bone.

Let my eyes see all your greatness,

Carve your secrets in the stones

that wash upon the beaches

and they write your scriptures in the sands,

Thank you for the All I'm given,

Let me write it in my hands

That I am grateful for what I hold

and excited for what is to come

all unfolds when it is ready

and I'll sit with you till it's done.



Blessed be.

Make me a River.


Make me a river


Great Mother,



Root me to the Earth so in my faith I cannot be swayed

Help me to bow with winds that breathe through my leaves

Whisper to me what I need to hold me in my light

Place your hand upon my shoulder when I need your comfort


I offer you my life so it may be perfected

I offer you my dreams so they may make manifest

I offer you my body so it may be sacred

I offer you my eyes so they may see only your flow


Today make me a river

Today turn me to stone

Today let me know the colour of soil

Today make me the patience of clouds

Today make me a tiger

Today make me a tree

Today turn me to roaring waves

Awaken all my memories


You wrote the secrets of the world

deep within my blood

Root me to it's essence until it's understood

Shape my life to your standard

And keep it in your heart

Today make me a river

with no ending and no start.



Blessed be.

by Ryan James

Hold me.

Hold me.



My beloved angels,



Hold me in the space of grace today

Hold me in my peace

Place my feet upon my path

Hold me in the space of heart


Open my hands to the feeling of bliss

Open my mind to the message

Fly through my eyes till they see only light

Fly through my heart till it knows only love

Fly through my tongue till it speaks only kindness

Fly through my toes till they find only God.


Show me your wings and the softness of feathers

Show me they way to live inside your bliss

I need no more strength because you're on my shoulder

Give me the grace of the eternal kiss


My beloved angels I honour your words

Lift me from wounds to the height of the birds

Let the songs of the heavens flow through my veins

Let me glide through today knowing you've paved the way

Let me sing to the choir

Let me read between the lines

Let me know of the space in between human words

Let me know all your comfort

Let me know all your joy

Let me know of the love that created this world.



With Peace.


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