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Couldn't have known...

Hi Ryan! You did a reading for me years ago in a local pub!!! You didn't know me at all and you came out with a message from my step dad and some of the information you knew was unknown to anyone and you highlighted a small
Medical issue you were fab, since then you have given me several spot on readings.... Amazing person so kind and so clever x highly recommended x

I'll be booking another reading!!!

Hiya rhian.. the reading I had from you was the best and most accurate past present and future.. ive ever had..Ive recommended you to many friends over the past few years.. your spiritual guidance is such a gift.. as you know ive moved over 50miles away but will definitely be booking another reading very soon.. thanks so much.. lots of love claire xx

helped me tremendously

Hi Ryan, You did a reading for me about 5 years ago, when I was going through a pretty difficult time. Apart from helping me tremendously with the psychological problems, you picked up on a medical issue that you said was either a gynaecological or urinary problem. As I didn't have any symptoms, I forgot all about it.......that was until I was rushed in to Morriston Hospital a month later with kidney stones!! Well spotted Ryan - you were spot on. xx


Spot on!

"I was so lucky to be the winner of a free reading with Ryan but after my experience I would have paid his asking price, and then some!
I have had various readings with others but nothing that blew me away like Ryan did. He told me things only I had thought and not even discussed with others and everything was spot on! Ryan made me feel relaxed and at home as soon as I walked through the door and he also makes a lovely cuppa. I would highly recommend him to everyone I know as the experience was totally mind blowing and I came away from him feeling positive and confident with the knowledge I had gained from him"



"First and foremost I would like to thank you Ryan for dedicating your time so freely at my Centre each Monday for those who are living with Cancer right now. Secondly, I;d like to share with others my reading I had with Ryan, Ryan sees into the core essence of what you are, picking up on energy blockages, helping you to identify what and when things may have gone wrong for you, for me, I always thought, I knew myself, especially in my line of work, but he passed on something to me and it was like a light switch going on!! its been two weeks now since I had my session with him, and yes things are definitely shifting for the better!! Also clients in the Centre who have had readings , all come out of the room, look at me and say one word.... WOW!! Thank you Ryan your a true star xxx"



Thanks hun!

That reading you gave me a couple years ago about meeting a Libran who would balance me out and be my partner. Well, me and that wonderful libran have been together a year on Halloween. Thanks hun. Xxx


A gifted medium.

i have had many readings with Ryan over a span of may be ten years, every time i have been to see him he has always been down to earth, welcoming, honest and most of all very profetional, thats why i keep going back.

Ryan is a very caring person witch comes across in his readings, he shows understanding and empathy for his clients and has a personality that makes you just smile, hes very uplifting to be around.
Ryan is a very gifted medium/psychic with a modern approach to the subject, i would recomend him to all my friends, as i have already done.


A caring soul.

" I have had many accurate and uplifting readings with Ryan. He is an oracle on spiritual matters and makes me feel I am in the presence of someone with lifetimes of wisdom at hand. I feel I can ask Ryan anything and his answers can allow me to view myself and life from a different angle. Ryan helped me during a very difficult time with my health offering me hope and gave me an insight into the spiritual root of the matter.
I look forward to more readings in the future. Ryan is a genuine, caring soul.

Gayle x

I highly recommend this lovely guy!

"approaching Ryans place in Mount Pleasant I felt really apprehensive and nervous. something which was instantly dispelled as soon as he answered the door. Ryan has the ability to completely put you at ease and make you feel special and important. the reception area was quirky and oozed the ideas of a creative soul. during the reading Ryan went through everything from family dynamics to health, everything was spot on. he brought up things which maybe I had been dwelling on and helped me to let them go. he highlighted parts of my life or behavioural traits which could do with some attention and helped me to see the path in front of me career wise. the experience was very special and is something I draw upon regularly. I think the main thing I felt walking home afterwards was reassurance, that I wasn't alone and that life was there for the taking. i highly recommend this lovely guy to become part of your spiritual journey"



"Hi Ryan,

Just want to say a HUGE THANKYOU for being the most amazing psychic
medium I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Over the years honestly I
have seen quite a few and NEVER have I ever come out feeling so
replenished, alive, aware, happy shocked a whole bag of emotions but
nothing negative at all. I cant wait for my annual meeting with you
next year, I have finally found someone I am more than happy to remain
in my life as my personal psychic until the end of time!! you are

Tina xx"

A moving experience.

"I’ve had two readings and a healing with Ryan. I can honestly say the first time I saw him I felt like I’d won the lottery, for that higher level of joy I would gladly pay many times over. It was insightful, optimistic, calming and energising all at the same time. He told me personal things about my family and I that are more than just coincidence. They were fact!

He gave me some excellent advice in relation to my health and it’s helped. He was able to identify that I needed an operation (which I did). Following the operation I suffered from facial palsy and I visited Ryan for a healing. The first time I’d tried anything like that and he reassured me and said I would recover and thankfully I have. It was a moving experience and one that certainly aided my recovery; I highly recommend it to everyone.

Ryan is a gentleman in the fullest sense of the word. The way that he translates what the spirits are saying is truly magical. Since seeing Ryan I feel I have a much closer connection with my angels and they help me when I need it most; I find it really comforting. Thank you Ryan for being such a kind and wonderful person you have a special gift that can help others like me to make changes for the better. You are an angel. Thank you so much.

Sarah xx"

Blooming Marvellous!!

Psychic readings, whatever you think about them, trust is a huge factor, knowing that the person sat in front of you has a true love and respect for his or hers craft. The minute you walk into a reading with Ryan, you feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease. I see readings as almost a spiritual M.O.T, not a vehicle for finding out how many kids you will have or will you die at a grand old age. But an insight into where you are with your life, general wellbeing, concerns or certain directions one could take in life. Ryan was exactly what I needed, of course this guy has a true talent and eerie accuracy towards many a subject, but walking away feeling great, confident and good about life is why Ryan's readings are blooming marvellous!!!!


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