One of my earliest memories was of seeing a spirit. As a child I remember vividly the figure of a tall dark man that would stand at the end of my bed leering over me. I remember feeling terrified by this until one night a lovely lady came into my bedroom and sat at the end of my bed, she said to me, "He wont be bothering you anymore boy...". The man never returned and I felt safe in her company. I would later find out that this woman was my great grandmother who's presence I have felt nearly every day since. Her "colourful" use of language has from time to time decorated her messages but they have always been consistently accurate and helpful. She is there at the beginning of every one of my readings and always points me in the right direction.

I started to work professionally as a psychic quite young, I was sixteen when my first batch of clients were sent my way. Although I had already been reading for members of family from about the age of fourteen this was still a big step for me. I am grateful for all those people who were patient with me and let me grow and become the psychic I am today. I had many older psychic's who took me under their wing and helped me, and while I am extremely grateful for all their help and support I have found out over the years that learning from the spirits themselves has had the greatest rewards.

My gifts have developed over the years and although I can read tarot, jewelry ( psychometry ) and can delve into other expressions of intuition I prefer to keep it simple and just let spirit say what they have to say. I try to keep my readings as structured as I can to cover as much ground as I can in the time we have together. I am aware that all of my clients needs are different, some like me to look over their business plans and mortgage offers while others ask me to connect with loved ones who have transitioned. I don't mind doing any of this and quite enjoy the varied nature of my work but I say to each client that there are no promises, I get what I get. I always leave space at the end of a reading for my clients to specifically ask questions if they haven't already been answered during the session. You can make these as specific as you choose and I promise only that I will ask for you.

The best advice I can give anyone seeking a psychic reading is to follow your gut. If it feels wrong for you then it probably is. If you're unhappy with my services then no money changes hands and any psychic that says this to you, in my opinion, is worth a go. If you're curious about a reading with myself and want to find out more about it then send me a message through this site and I will respond or you could just give me a call and we can have a chat about it.

My current charge for an hour session is £40. I don't mind if you record it or write things down, in fact I recommend that you do because so much information comes through it can be difficult to retain it all. 

I hope to connect for you soon,

Big Love,





Ryan James

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