A call to center.


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Ideas are a part of the foundation of who and what we are. Life itself is said to be an idea in the mind of God. We are living dreams playing at the idea of being dreamers too. We are everything and nothing at all. That is a fundamental priciple of the Universe. A truth that can never really be tested only experienced. We have been raised to believe that the tapestry of truth is binary. We are told that we are either telling the truth or that we are lying but, as we are culturally seeing, there are many truths and they are all real to the person who holds them. A truth is different from a belief, a belief is different from an idea. For me, I've been revisiting old ideas recently, things that have grown into beliefs and even personal truths. It's fascinating watching a whole narrative play out within your own mind and unravelling it is taking me back to a time where I felt more freedom to choose. It's like rediscovering that you are wonderful, perfect, beautiful and have always been that way but the ideas of wonder, beauty and perfection that have been given to you just don't match their truest essence. Do you remember a time when you wondered at everything? When was the last time you truly stood in awe at the world around you? When was the last time you felt truly beautiful? Not just in how you look but in every corner of your soul. We all felt that free when we were young. We knew our power, we knew our beauty, we knew our courage, our strength and we knew that the world was a giant playground. Then, we all made the mistake of growing up.



Well, how about we dont? I am not advocating that you throw away all of your responsibilites and just find a sand pit and stay there ( however tempting that may be ) but, how about we start playing with those ideas again? Play for play's sake. Make laughter your spiritual practice. We all seem to be living in a cycle of being triggered into participating in giving away our energy to systems and ideas that don't serve us. So how about we stop doing that? Stop engaging in echo chambers and arguments and instead start working towards solutions. We've been duped into believeing that an act of self branding is a form of activism. I see it everywhere and it's just another way for you to pour your energy into something that will never bare fruit. Take your power back. Watch what you say and be mindful of why you are saying it. So much malice is often hidden behind the words of “I'm just being honest.”. Keep your mouth out of other people's lives and business but keep your heart in their growth and their light. You are here to play in the boundaries of your own soul and bring that special frequency to the planet. You are not here to emulate or immitate anyone else's. Your wonder is yours. Your beauty is yours. Your laughter is yours.



So what does this look like on a day to day basis? I'ts easy to ponder these ideas but how can we apply them in a practical manner to our day to day lives? My answer is to start by becoming fully invested in your joy. Ask yourself the big questions. Ask yourself introspective questions. Find out what your priorities are for you. What do you need not just to function but to thrive? What do you want? What did you want to be when you grew up? What advice would you give to your 15 year old self? When you stand alone, who are you? Find a way of making money that doesn't cost you your dignity. If you choose to be coupled with another human being at least make sure it's a union that lifts you up. Your friendships should bring you clarity not confusion. Take consistent but small steps towards the things that matter for you. There is no quick fix, its a long process but that doesn't mean it isn't a fun one. Strip yourself layer by layer of everything that's expected of you and remind yourself of what you expect of yourself. Remind yourself that you had an idea about what your life could be, revisit that and see what precious gems it holds.



Have a great week,



Big Love,



Ryan James x






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