A few thoughts on dark energy.


I'm not sure that we've ever really spoken about dark energy. Is it real? Can it hurt you? What do you do if you come across it? What essentially is it? To be honest darkness in essence doesn't exist, there is only ever an absence of light. The second you bring light to a space darkness can't exist there any more but that's not to say that there aren't some real muddy, intentional energies out there that mean to do you harm. I don't mean things like disembodied entities, demons or poltergeists, although I do think if you got enough crappy energy together in one space it could begin to act like that but sometimes there's just enough left over bits and pieces of everything to create a bit of trouble. For instance most of the “hauntings” I come across are not hauntings at all, they are simply gatherings of left over energy that is still translateable and has become charged by your attention to it. There are also some disturbances in the time lines, especially if there has been an emotionally charged incident in a particular area. That's why it seems to us sometimes that spirits or energies are trapped in the same moment of time over and over, they aren't, it's just that's the moment that was strong enough to bleed out of it's own timeline. If someone screams in the room next to you that's all you're going to hear.



But still when you come across rank energy like this what do you do about it? First it's helpful to identify what it actually is and the way to do that is just to calmly observe. Figure out if it has any routines, patterns. Don't get scared or feed it any energy, just passively and lovingly observe. If it feels intrusive then ask it to leave, again calmly. There is also smudging which is quite effective, salt water, sage, sandalwood, all of these help clear a space of conflicting energy and of course, most importantly, ASK your loved ones in spirit to help. Call every angel within the sound of your voice to come forward so that you can reclaim the space as your own. There are helpers everywhere who will work to balance out a space. Maybe that's why you brought it to you in the first place? Maybe you are the energy that is perfect for restoring peace to what you are experiencing. Of course if it gets a little too much for you give me a call. If I'm local enough I can come and take a peek but I wont come unless you've tried all of these first.



It's important not to be afraid when energy goes awry. We are in a hugely collaborative universe where everyone and everything is connected at all times. Every version of yourself is interlinked and you are part of a huge tapestry. Your soul is so big we don't have a mind strong enough to conceptualise it. But you are not just connected to chaos, you are connected to infinite light and like I said earlier shine even a fraction of that on something dark and it goes away. You cannot bring darkness to light but you can bring light to darkness. I truly believe in the power of prayer and if you pray enough on something you bring light all around it. I pray every morning, every afternoon and every night. Not huge prayers, I'm not sat there at an alter chanting for hours. I simply have a cuppa, watch the sea and speak to the Universe. I pray light over Stu, my family, my friends and sometimes if I feel guided to I will pray over a certain client or two. Just remember that no matter what is in front of you you have the capacity to bring light to it. You are more powerful than anything you experience. It really is up to you and you really can do it!



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x





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