A new you is emerging.




It starts with an idea. Usually small. Usually half a whisper, half a nudge. Quiet enough that the noise of a busy life can choose to ignore it, loud enough so that you know it's there. Inspiration isn't always a parting of clouds or a loud booming beacon. More often than not it's like a small magnet placed inside your spirit that draws piece after piece towards itself. It has it's own mind, it's own agenda, it's own spirit even. You become a host to this “live in ghost” and all it asks of you is that you be willing to experience deep and lasting joy. The question you must ask yourself every day is not so much how to find inspiration, because it's there. The question is how do I get out of the way enough so that I can hear the quiet voice if inspiration and I can create alongside with it. 


When I do a painting, write a song, write a book, the dialogue between me and inspiration is quite direct. It brings me images and notes and colours and I just hang around in a space of openness until it stops communicating with me and whatever we have created together is born. I know when I write this it's a little simplistic but lately I've noticed that there is a big difference between how willing I am to get out of the way when it comes to creating my art but how hard I find it to get out of the way when I am creating a new life for myself. It comes down to two things I think. One, is that I often fall into the trap of taking life too seriously. Two, is fear. When I think of my life as a painting or a song I start to detach from all of the identities I've burdened myself with. The process of letting them go is fascinating. I'm living with questions like, “What would I do if I started my life over again?”, “Do I like the person I've grown into?”, “What does the greatest version of myself look and feel like?”. These are big and deep questions that are necessary to ask at certain points of your life and I am at one of those points. I'm writing this openly because I think, from our many conversations, that you are too. 


So it's not so much about getting ready to ask for what we want as it is being willing to step out of the way and let what we are born to create to work itself through us. Inspiration has already created a beautiful experience for you and day by day it's attracting pieces of itself to itself through the prism of your life. Your job, my job is to raise my life to level of love so that I can more easily recognise and incorporate these pieces into my puzzle. All I have to do is release any attachment to any idea, wound, pain, career, relationship, identity of who I thought I was and fully embrace the love that is present right this moment. Yes, easier said than done. Our lives are a puzzle within a puzzle but the gift that empaths, mystics, seekers have is that we can't detach from what we feel. It is our emotions and our ability to sift through them and work within the best aspects of them that open doors to who we are becoming. Your sensitivity is now your strength. 


A new you will emerge before the new life rises to match it. That space in between is lovingly called “the void” in mystic circles. It's the place where you have to keep the faith. Where day dreams are your sword and shield. Being unclear and uncertain is just par for the course, neither of them mean that you can't find something loving to do. A new rebirth is happening now for all of those tuned in. We are about to be put to work. Inspiration has already found us, we are already on our way, it's just time now to step into our new truth.



Big Love


Ryan James x






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