A thought experiment.

Hello loves,



It's been a minute hasn't it?! I've been playing back and forth in my own mind about whether to restart the blog and I have so many ideas about what to do with it but we all know by now that intuitive clarity comes through engagement not sitting there and over thinking so it's time to put pen to paper ( ish ) and see what I want to do with this space. That's one of the things about intuition, it's a fluid and the more you behave like it then the more you build a more useful relationship. How often have you sat there and just waited or hoped for an insight? Takes a while doesn't it? Get up, move your body and start physically engaging with whatever you're contemplating and you'll know soon enough of it's for you or not. But that requires a little something that is about to be a buzz word over the next few weeks... self worth.



With, yes, another mercury retrograde about to slap us this time she brings to the surface whatever is hindering momentum and each time, without question, what stops you from moving towards your dreams is how worthy you feel of having it. Fear plays it's part on keeping you as still as possible but it's how worthy you feel that determines whether you can engage with that fear and learn to work with it. So, if you have a dream for yourself or if you are just playing with the idea of allowing yourself to create a dream do a little thought experiment with me. Think for a second about whatever is in front of you and ask yourself...



How would the most worthy version of myself handle this?”



Literally imagine a future self that has it all figured out and what it would be like to move around in that version of yourself's body. What thoughts would you think? How would your body move? You can change the word worthy to curious, enlightened, inspired, really whatever you feel you need more of in your life and play that internal game. Be light about it. There is so much change on the horizon for all of us but like all change is begins on the internal level. If you want to meet this light where it lives you have to make room within yourself for it. That means making sure that whatever is in the way of you feeling like you deserve EVERYTHING that the universe has to offer you is healed so that you can soar. And you will.



I do also think that the journey to worthiness does require a champion or two so now is a good time to connect with your friends. Be sure to uplift them, be sure to spend time around the people who uplift you.



You are worth whatever dream is being born through you. Your dreams and ideas choose you as much as you choose them. All creation is cocreation. It's all a collaborative union between you and the light of the Universe. If the Universe inspires you to write a book, paint a picture, start a business, start a family, create a romance, travel, whatever it is, know that the inspiration chose you. It saw whatever skill set you had within your spirit and decided that you would be the most fun spirit to have that journey with. Use todays thought experiment to align with that energy more fully. Play with it throughout the week and see if it helps you clear up your inner dialogue and maybe will even help you to change the way you look at what you're currently creating. 



As always go gently,



Big Love,


Ryan James x








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    Ann lewis
    Always wise words

    Always wise words

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