Are you ready for your own reflection?


It' so easy to point the finger. To make what is happening in your life someone else's fault. The work we do in the spiritual community is not for everyone and if you try to promote it to someone who isn't ready or willing then it can often end in disaster. I actually don't think it's healthy to promote this way of life at all, I firmly believe that you have to come to it on your own and in your own time. I have learned this the hard way. Like I've said before I can be belligerently naïve. I often think that if it weren't for an unrelenting connection to my instinct that I would have gotten myself in a lot more trouble. Being a psychic I have access to a truth, sometimes my truth, sometimes a client's personal truth, sometimes a glimpse of what's coming. It literally is an extra sense and it is different from being a medium. That is more about listening to spirits. Now in my early days of figuring this out I would often share information without consent, without respecting the boundaries of the people around me. I would literally just blurt out what I picked up on in the moment. As you can imagine that didn't always go down too well. One of the things I noticed that always stuck with me and was repeated in many other areas of my life was that so many people demonized who I was so that they didn't have to deal with what I said.



Most of you will know what I mean by this. I think in some way shape or form we have all been projected into something we are not by someone else. It took a few rounds of me sitting there trying to figure out why I was being attacked when all I really thought I was doing was helping to figure out that relationship to truth is incremental. Some people just aren't ready for it and sometimes you aren't either. How often have you over looked a deep flaw in a relationship because you were afraid that if you pulled on that thread the whole thing would unravel? How often have you turned up at a job when you knew in your core that you weren't supposed to be there? How often have you ignored that niggle in the back of your brain that has told you to stop and take care your body? We have all spent time in these gray areas and the less you dwell there the more you change. The more you ready yourself for truth, the more you will recognise it and be willing to act upon it. On a planet of 7 billion there are bound to be a few that rub you up the wrong way so appropriate boundaries are vital for your survival but you don't need to demonize someone to put them there in the first place.



Before you point a finger at someone for how they have behaved maybe check first to see what truth within you they are reflecting. I know that when someone hurts me, really gets under my skin, it's because there is something in me that they are showing me. Sometimes they are showing me a lack of good boundaries, sometimes it's a bit more deep and personal. The point is I try to work from the inside out before reacting. I don't always succeed but we're all human at the end of the day. I do try to figure out what in me attracted them in the first place and what energy in me they are showing up with. After all, the laws of karma, attraction, cause and effect are always in play. Only then do I reinforce my own internal boundaries, clear up and wounds that need attention and if needed have a conversation with any other parties about what will be appropriate moving forward. Once you've changed your energy the universe will rise to meet it. Work on your first. You deserve that grace.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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