Been feeling a little aimless? Here's why.


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I totally get it. You get up, run through your morning routine, get the family ready and before you know it you're either in work running around or up to your eyeballs in house work. This is pretty much a regular day with me at the moment and even though I love my what I do and what I have that doesn't mean the routine of it doesn't sometimes get a little boring. There were times in my past when I was stuck in jobs working for other people when boriing became a way of being on the never ending tread mill of my daily life. I find a wonderful security in routine but I am fully aware that there is also the risk of falling into a “groundhog day” situation. With all the transitional energy in the air at the moment actively helping us out we might as well make use of it to add the bit of flavour to our day that some of you might need. Yes, if you've been feeling uncomfortable in work recently that's because purpose based energy has been receiving a call to upgrade itself. So if you've been finding yourself feeling a little lustless or aimless even in the middle of all of this wonderful weather then be glad to know you've done nothing wrong. You're just getting an invitation. The question is, are you going to accept it?



If the answer is yes, and I would imagine if you are reading this blog then that's probably the case then I do have some good news. The only real task you have right now is to work within your own mind to find your favourite thing about what you are doing and mentally/energetically hang around there. What is your favourite thing about nursing? About teaching? About business studies? About property development? Really find an emotional connection to the most favourite thing about your job and then use that as a mantra. If there really is nothing about your job that you like then the favourite thing might be the ability it gives you to provide for yourself. If you are looking for work then your favourite thing about the search might be the opportunities you are reaching for, or the room it gives you to land on something that you really love. Either way, there will be something that you prefer in the middle of what you have and the more you hang around that energy the more that energy can expand and attract more of itself. That one little nugget of light might be the key you need to elevate yourself to somewhere new or at the very least help you create a version of your job that you can fall even more in love with.



My favourite part of my job is when I am in the middle of a reading and I get to witness a light that goes on your eyes. It truly is a transcendant moment. If a client is open and receptive to the process a reading can carry a transformative momentum that carries us both to a greater awareness of the present moment. I love to witness the Universe working through me. I am a vessel in that moment for the light that you have called through me and the good news is that you don't to be a medium to do that. You can call light into any situation at any time. You have the ability to find the best aspect of where you are and hang around there enough that the momentum of the Universe catches it and launches you into a new, brighter version of yourself. The energy is ripe for transition at the moment and will be for about 6 weeks so USE THIS ENERGY. Emulate through your own mind the life you want to live and draw on the best bits of what you have available to you to create a recipie for what's coming. Find your favourite piece of everything that's around you and claim it, state it and speak it if you can. You have the light already and it's asking you to use it.



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Ryan James x



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