Constantly feeling heavy?


The room is filled with incense and candles are flickering in the corner of my eye. I'm still in that blissful theta state from meditation as my client lays on the bed I've prepared for a healing session. I put my hands together as if I am about to pray, and in a way I am, then I feel energy bundle through the back of my mind, down my arms and gather in my hands. I place them on my clients body and a rush of light pours through me. In an instant I feel in alignment with their energy. Words, images and ideas pour out into the room and sometimes I find myself walking through their memories. I see their timelines, their most painful moments. Often moments that they have put away for so long they are almost forgotten. But the spirit never forgets and belief systems built out of pain are often at the root of the mindless actions that destroy our lives. After a few minutes something magical happens. It's like a memory of their soul lifts out of their body and floats about 1 foot above them. This network of light is everything you would expect the energy of an angel to look like. It's pure bliss and sadly also, sometimes “infected”. Huge lumps of dark energy, red energy and sometimes a mixture of brown muddy energy are seen much more clearly. There are also connections that link that energy to a part of the physical body. It's like I am looking at the energetic nucleus of illness. This is sometimes called “The Pain Body.”.



We all have one. A network of our hurts that exist within us and the good news is we can and often do “dump” them from our energy. With every step forward you take in your life you are going to confront the ideas of your past and your old pain body. This is why sometimes when we make a change in our lives we feel lighter because spiritually you actually are. You have let go of the clumps of “dirt” that you have been carrying around with you. Sometimes when clients come for healing they talk about how “heavy” they feel. That's normally when the pain body has reached critical mass. If you don't clear that out then that can and often does lead to such a huge imbalance in the mind that the body follows. There have been many “maps” by many medical intuitives about which illness is born from which energy but it's more of an art than a science. Back problems normally arise from people who are acting out of accordance with their spiritual core, their truth. Sometimes back problems are given to you as a means to sit you down and review. There is no hard and fast way of deciphering what imbalance comes from where. It's an intuitive process and one that we all can feel our way through.



I've said before that as much as I can see into your energy patterns the most powerful thing you have access to is your own intuition. I don't ever want to foster the idea that you “need” me as a part of your spiritual growth. When you came to the planet you came with everything that you could ever need right there with you. I, and people like me are just touchstones to remind you that you are a creator of your own experience. You may not see the energy body with as much clarity as me but that doesn't mean that you don't know when something feels off. So often when I do a healing the client has already intuitively began doing what the spirits ask them to do. There are however a few things everyone can do, things that I have found helpful to make yourself more aware of your intution and inner dialogue. Yoga, meditation, a meat free diet, reducing sugar intake and a form of journalling/mindfulness practice when done regularly helps you to discern between brain chatter and what is happening within you. Remember that if you want to heal your pain body you have to listen to the one you're in.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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