Creative challenge.


Clients leave the house and I am done for another day. My temples are throbbing and I feel truly emotionally and spiritually exercised. For a few moments I don't know my arse from my elbow and I really have to make a conscious effort not to just veg out in front of the TV for a few hours while I gather my thoughts back up. Throughout the course of a reading I viscerally feel what you and the spirits around you are feeling within the frame of my own body and if I'm not careful I can continue to carry that around with myself for a long time. It feels almost like I am wearing someone else's personality over mine. So I have to remind myself to routinely shake this off and get myself back to normal. This always involved a certain amount of physical exercize. Sometimes a good 2 hour walk with the dog sets me straight but I also love cardio and loud music. I just feel better afterwards. But one of the most important things to setting me right is creativity. I've said many times that spirituality and creativity are bedfellows. I don't really think that you can work on developing one without tripping over the other.



The problem with a lot of clients I speak to, especially the ones who have creative talents is that they have been taught to look at their creativity through an academic eye. I hope the education system is changing in that context but I won't hold my breath. Already this week I have stumbled across a client who literally shut off her creativity because a teacher coerced her into thinking that it wasn't a valid expression. That there was no way you can make money from it therefore what's the point? Most people also think that being “good” at creative things means being good a drawing or painting. It's not. Creativity is a lateral experience. Baking, knitting, sewing, gardening, origami, keeping a journal, there are so many ways to begin to tap into that aspect of who you are. It's not an area in which you can be overly pragmatic which is completely counter intuitive to how we are raised in our culture. We are taught that unless is can bring in money then you shouldn't put too much emphasis on it. It's as if happiness is not a good enough return on investing our time.



As all of you know by now I paint all the time. I also sing, write songs, poetry, novels, I fold origami pieces, I've tried silver smithing, dress making and I sometimes bake vegan cakes and cookies. I will give everything a go. If a painting or a song goes horribly wrong, oh well, at least I've spent a few hours enjoying myself in the process! It doesn't have to bring me money, don't get me wrong it's nice when it does but even during the times it doesn't I still keep at it. It brings me peace, it's a meditation of sorts, it's thinking time or non thinking time! It's a gift I give to myself every time I sit at the canvas. Now I truly believe that in our hearts we are all creative. I know this because I have yet to meet a child that doesn't enjoy some time with crayons and I want today is to for you to set yourself a little challenge. I want you to go out, or look on line and find yourself a cheap sketchbook. I want that book to be a place that no one else has to see and I want it to be pure art therapy. Pick 30 words, ideas phrazes, inspirational quotes and I want you to create something around them. Make it personal. Make it like a diary. You can use anything from magazine cutouts to whatever cheap art supplies you can get your hands on. I like to sketch before bed. It helps me to unwind, do it whenever you can. Don't judge what you create but go ahead and create it and then watch as you learn to think and maybe even live a little differently.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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