Empowering your free will!


 The chatter starts behind my ears and I feel like my head is expanding exponentially. The room I am in falls away into something that is almost 10 times it's size. Then I start to see them, they manifest as representations of the lives they shared with the clients who are coming. I say a small prayer centered around opening the gates of heaven and before long my room is filled with the focused energy of spirits. They share their names, their illnesses and enough information to keep them relate able. As most of you who have been to me will know they are also not shy about sharing their personalities. I laugh and cry with my clients and it's real work to stay in a space where spirit are flowing when sometimes I want to leap out of my chair and give you all a big hug. Like anything you work at you get better. I feel like my ability is always fine tuning itself and I find that at different stages of my life I have evolved into different aspects of psychic work. Of course I am open to it all and I love challenging myself to see what my mind can do. At the end of the day though my favourite thing has always been to sit and watch as spirit work through me to plant opportunities in my clients to reach for their own light.



I can't make your choices for you. I can't even always help you understand the information that has come through. When I say I am like a telephone with a beard I mean it. I can ask questions and direct my thoughts but at the end of the day I get what I get and that's that. I will do my best to get you the cleanest, most clear version of the information but ultimately there are things about our life path that we are just not meant to know. There are things that are specifically designed to teach us, to help us grow and to help us play more effectively in the Universe. There are times when it's been frustrating for me when the information feels half assed but sometimes you are meant to handle something on your own. I know that if I had known clearly what was in front of me I don't think I could have handled what was to come. The information I receive is meant to help empower your free will, not take it away from you. Whatever I see is a reflection, a collaboration between the sum of your energy and all the energy around you to create something wonderful. I love watching as the best of you, your undiscovered talents are highlighted and my favourite part of every reading is when I see your eyes shift and little light goes on behind them.



Once you leave the reading, from that point it's all up to you. My advice is always to listen to the information that has come through and to sit with it for a little while. Chew on it. Journal on it. Mull it over. Let it settle in your body long enough so that you can check it against your own intuition. If something really doesn't make sense then just let it sit with you for a while. I've often seen things take a while to fit in and I am fully aware and speak often about my timing! Because spirits experience time in a collaborative fashion and not a linear one it can be hard to place where things are happening on the timeline. I've seen the past as the present, the present as the future and so on. I can always see quite clearly the energy map of your life but I'm not always sure about where you are within it. I've seen some clients be completely overwhelmed by a reading and I've seen some walk out as if I've just spoken in tongues to them. It all fits in sooner or later. Let it settle. Let it be a stepping stone for reaching for a more authentic version of yourself. Remember that spirits, those that knew you and those that knew them are always guiding you towards your light. The universe is designed to help you be the best you. Just listen, act in love and move one step at a time.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x





P.S. Read this far? Then why not carry on the conversation below?! Ever had something that didn't make sense until the time? Has a reading ever pointed out a talent you didn't know you had? Share your wisdom, insight and of course, your love!   

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