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The gentle whispers begin behind my ears as I sit in meditation. I am warm and centred and in the space of a moment my mind goes from thinking normally to feeling like I am in the middle of a great expanse. Like a ship at sea I feel like I am weightless in a never ending tapestry. My skin feels thin, like there really is nothing between the Universe within and what is around me. The voices become louder and clearer. I begin my visualizations, they are really nothing more than symbolic representations of my intention. I want to be grounded. I want to feel safe. I want the familiar around me. My angel appears and brings with him a few others, healers, mystics during their time on the planet, they change depending on who is coming to me for a reading that day. Then family members show up. I hear my grandfather's cough, my grandmothers cackle, a friend sometimes pops in. Soon my readings room is filled with people I love all of which are helping me to to stay centred, feel good and they “fine tune” my mind for the work ahead. Before a client has even stepped foot over my door I feel the resonance of the spirits that they have called with them. As I finish my meditation a warm energy has filled the house. Clients often remark on it, not really being able to put their finger on why but they feel it none the less. Those who love them have brought their love to this space.



When the readings begin, for those of you who have had them, you'll understand that for the most part I am not entirely present for them. I really am the medium, the bearded telephone that passes along whatever they tell me. I hear them, see them, feel what they have passed with within the frame of my own body and do my best to translate what they are bringing to the table. I sometimes get the timing of their information wrong, which I don't give myself too hard a time with because time in a human construct and the spirits don't have to adhere to it. Some of you know that I will sometimes talk about an ex as if they are still around, although sometimes if you haven't let go or resolved the pain of that relationship then there is a reason I am feeling what I am. In many ways a reading is like trying to extract the ingredients once the soup is already made. But the information comes none the less. I leave myself as open as I can to pass along the information your spirit has called through me. I feel in my own body energy breaks, illness' and my brain translates what spirits are telling me in the form of voices. I also see them, but it's kind of like a memory of themselves. They are part of the symphonic background noise right up until the point they are in direct communication. At that point I see them clearly, I feel their resonance and I do my best to pass along what they bring.



My favourite part of every reading is the moment I look into your eyes and see a light go on. A memory of your own truth that gets awakened and for a brief time I see the mischievous spark at your core. The power of that moment is never lost on me. Sometimes you don't even see it fully but I always find it to be a turning point in people's lives. It's that point where you remember that you are a co creator of your experience. You remember that you are built out of love, for the purpose of love and to express love. You remember your power. You remember the illusion of death and you feel the connection that is your birthright with everyone who has ever elevated your heart. It is very rare these days that a connection like that doesn't happen. It's like spirit uses the reading to plant a seed for change. Sometimes you won't feel it's effects for years but I know every time that it happens that something has moved. I've come to see my work as less of a guide and more of a mirror for your own truth. If you are willing and open to seeing it the Universe can create wonders through you. I aim each day only to serve to create a space where that can happen. I can't instigate or initiate what it is I can only open my heart to it and sit in reverence which is something we can all do.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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