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I take a few hours each Sunday to get ready for my week ahead.I catch up with some writing, some admin, chase down clients and basically do some prep work for the coming week. I try my best to align my weeks goals with getting at least something done off my big list and I do my best to keep in routine. As a part of my preparing I also take a look at the energy of the week ahead. Tarot cards, candles, incense, I get myself in as good a receptive state as I can and look at what I feel is manifesting. This helps me to know what to put where. If the energy of the day feels a little abrasive I make sure to stick more rigidly to my mindfulness. If it's love centred I'll organise a date etc. Sometimes the energy I receive is very specific and sometimes it's more like a theme. Either way it's a great help to keeping a feeling of momentum in my life. 



On Tuesday of this week we slip into this years first Mercury Retrograde ( insert Jaws theme tune ) and boy, it's an intense one.



I can feel the pull of it on my brain already. As I've said many times, good thing about retrograde is that it clears everything that needs clearing, bad thing about it is that it can and sometimes does knock you on your bum whilst it does it.I've come to see it as something similar to when your mum angrily cleaned your room when you were a kid. She just got sick of asking you to do it so she came in, did it all and didn't care if she threw out your favourite dinosaur toy that you never really got over and even now as an adult you collect dinosaurs and put them all over your house... sorry, personal stuff. But still, the effect is the same. You end up in a clean and organised space, even though you might feel like you've been emotionally smacked on the bum in the process. 



The theme of this retrograde is centred on everything. Yes, everything. If you haven't cleared old love pain, expect to bump into ex's, hear things about them and feel like you've stepped back into an old way of living. If you're knowingly not in the job you want to be in, expect to shown, sacked, have confrontations with your boss and anything else the Universe needs to do to get you moving. Momentum. If I were to pick a word to describe what this retrograde is going to do it's to create momentum.The last few months have been energetically quite cerebral, planning, inching forward, keeping things slow and steady. As we enter spring, the Universal energy is going to help up leap frog into where we want to go. 



To be honest I'm looking forward to it ( famous last words ). I've done really well in my fitness goals this year already but my writing and artwork has slipped a little. I'm still on chapter 4 of my book and although I've written 2 small picture book stories too I haven't really gotten my creative teeth into them. I know what I'm supposed to be doing, I KNOW, my intuition and everything else has been gearing me towards getting this book finished and I've also been receiving insights into the wounds that are slowing me down. It's all fear and past hurts, something I'm sure will be brought to the surface soon, but that's for another blog. 



For now, I want you to prepare for a shift. Physical energy is heightened, emotionally energy is transforming and intuitive insight is unavoidable.Stay grounded in your spiritual practice to avoid anxiety and as always I'm here to help in any way that I can. 



Thanks for tuning in,



Big Love,



Ryan James x






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