Karma isn't fair!?


So Im watching the news with my coffee poised delicately in my hands and I'm about to “go off” on the flavour of news that is spewing out of the BBC this morning and I have to stop myself. It's part of my and Stu's ritual, we watch, we analyze and then we try to discern the actual news that is happening by reading between the lines or fact checking what's happening. It may sound boring to some of you but Stu is a big lover of political history and history in general for that matter so I get to learn a little about the world in context every single day. It's just so easy to stay in that reactive space if you look at the world and take it at face value. It's easy to become part of the mob mentality. On the surface you can look at the world and see great injustice and to be honest you wouldn't be wrong. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has looked into the world and thought, “Where the hell is Karma?”. We want this great intrinsic force to do our bidding and we want those who have hurt others to suffer and when they don't we dive further into our feelings of injustice.



What if karma had nothing to do with justice? What if all it is is the Universe responding to what you put out there into the world? I've had many times when I've felt a little sorry for myself and looked at my life only to think, “Shouldn't I be doing better?”. There are moments when I judge myself and others and put them where I think they should be in the heirarchy of my ego. We all do it to some degree but catching those thoughts early help me to remind myself of how the Universe works. People create and allow what they believe they deserve. When you truly believe that you deserve greatness/success in whatever form that means to you then you open the door within yourself to creating it. It takes time to cultivate but it's well worth the investment. If you think you deserve to spoken to, treated like garbage then those are the doors you have opened in your life. If you think you deserve kindness, respect, love, self worth, abundance, creative expression then guess what? THOSE are the doors you open. It doesn't matter whether you are a “good” person or not. You don't get a Universal pat on the head for that, you do grow exponentially as a result of stepping into the space of love. You do grow into kindness when you fill your own heart and allow that to shine into the world.



I get it. I do. It's tough when I see bully's get away with it or cheats prospering. I have to remind myself that what they are creating is not a reward for their actions but a response to their energy. I have to understand that I change nothing about the world by behaving like a victim within it. I have to remind myself that when I feel outraged by this behaviour these people don't care and my outrage is simply a poison in my system for as long as I keep it there. I can choose to use it as a platform to launch myself deeper into my own understanding of the world, universal love, the principles of karma and a soft, gentle falling in love with what's in front of me. The Universe is also responding to my energy, my vibration. Sometimes the people that rub us the wrong way are showing us parts of ourselves that we need to work on. The laws of man change frequently, the laws of the Universe are finite. You are the sum of your parts. You are the equation of everything that you have been and ever will be. Focus on what you bring to the table and let that be the inspiration for how you move in the world.



Thank you for reading.



Big Love,



Ryan James x




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