Manifestational momentum!


Manifestation is the principle that what you choose to focus on within yourself will replicate within your environment. As within, so without. If you feel broke, loveless, under appreciated all the time and then you allow thoughts of that nature to exist within you dominantly, that is the energy that will rise to meet you in the world wherever you go. I know this is a huge over simplification of the process but it's important to understand that you don't always get back what you give out but you always get back what you are. The content of your inner life creates your outer. I truly believe in magical thinking, in the miraculous. That there are forces at work in the world that if we are mindful enough we get to brush up against. Inspiration, intuition, insight, grace. When we come up against these energies in our lives it elevates us and reminds us that the universe is not just a relentless force of nature but also a mindful, intentional, purposeful being built out of the substance of love. When we want to make changes to our lives we enter into a dance with this being, we don't always know where this dance will take us but just getting to the dance floor is often more than enough.



The problem that seems to stop both myself and the clients I work with is keeping the energetic space of where you want to be going in the present moment. It's so easy to get side tracked or swept away with old habits. For me, as with everything else, it's all about creating the right routine to stay connected. It's about a conversation with the Universe, a relationship if you will that needs tending to. If you want to create a job for instance then you obviously create a space within yourself for all the feelings you think you are going to have within that job. It takes very little time for that energy to start to show up physically. My rule of thumb is 3 weeks. If nothing, and I mean nothing has shown up in 3 weeks then you're off course somewhere. Normally when things manifest for me there is a formula. I put it out into the world and then I start feeling odd. Like I'm stuck in between two spaces. Still I stand inside the energy that I have created and the first thing that happens is the Universe shows me what might be in the way. This is where most people will get off the manifestation highway because they interpret this energy as a sign that they are on the wrong path. Maybe it is, there are no hard and fast rules but generally speaking if you stick to your guns and it passes then it's just a hurdle. Keep going.



After the 3 week period that's when manifestations start to come thick and fast. I start to meet people I wouldn't normally meet who put me in touch with people that have what I need and all the crazy stuff that the universe likes to throw in happens! The Universe gets to work and I let it use me to give us both what we want, Joy. Whatever it is you are currently creating for yourself, a lover, a new job, more friendships, more financial freedom, whatever it is please remember that you are opening a door to a journey that will change the foundation of your life. After all isn't that what you are asking for? Next weekend with all of this retrograde stuff out of the way why not spend a good amount of time designing your life. What do you want? Where do you want to be five years from now? What do you feel drawn to create? What does your day look like? How do you feel? Really play in that area until you find an energy that you like and then do whatever you can to hold onto that energy for 3 weeks. That's really all it takes for it to start replicating. Remember that all relationships function on good dialogue so be sure to listen when the Universe sends you something to do, it may be guiding you to exactly where you need to be.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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