No invites to pity parties please.


Hello loves,



If you've been reading my weekly newsletters you'll know that I am making more of a concerted effort to “show up” both for myself and for you. It's not just about exercising, physical fitness and bringing some new spiritual practices, it's about me being more vulnerable and bringing my full heart to the table.It's definitely been changing my life in really profound and interesting ways. I knew it would make me face things that I'm afraid of and it has, but, I also knew that in acknowledging when I'm afraid and talking myself through it that I would find a way through. I feel like I am growing into my skin more. I am not slipping into old habits of disconnecting as much and I feel stronger and more centred. There are some wonderful benefits that I didn't expect too. I didn't expect to be a better psychic because of it or a better intuitive. I really do feel more and more connected. My mum says it's probably to do with my confidence improving and I think she's right. I'm just less scared to be scared.



I do wonder though about sharing too much.



There is a point, I believe, between being authentic and betraying your own sense of privacy. There are of course some things that I keep with me. Privacy is an almost strange idea today. We all see it on facebook and instagram all the time. Moments that I think should be private are leveraged to garner fame through outrage or pity. I personally cringe when people video themselves giving to charity or when they “promote” their illness/grief/angst in a way that's not asking for help. It really is a fine line and it's one that I am trying my best to be aware of. There's a point between self expression and self exploitation. I used to exploit who I was all the time. A need for validation and love lead mo down a path of complete energetic decimation. I offered out who I was at all times with no sense of boundary and of courseif you're willing to give, there will always be those willing to take.I am being selective over what I share and making sure that the stories I do give out are mine to tell. 



Social media is about promotion.I think that if I didn't have a business to run I doubt I would be on it at all. Don't get me wrong I don't think it's a bad thing at all, as with everything that get's a bad reputation it's the mindset that uses it not the device itself. Before I click the send button on anything on my social media these days I consider what I am promoting. I am aware of the difference between honesty in the present moment and the truth behind it. There is a difference between creating awareness of a situation and an invitation to a pity party.The difference is always intention. What do you want to create when you hit that button? What is the content you are putting out into the world? 



I hope to help legitimize for others, in some small way, that vulnerability is not weakness, nor does it need to come at the cost of your boundaries. I hope to act as a touchstone to remind anyone reading this that your power is your own and you can create a life that actually looks like you. I hope that whoever reads this understands that social media is a powerful thing but it is not more powerful that you. It can be a sword and shield, it can be a stepping stone or, it can be your undoing. We've all seen it happen but the good news is you get to choose. I'm choosing now. I'm choosing to be more present, more open, having stronger awareness of my boundaries whilst at the same time being less guarded. 



My power is my own and yours is too. In many ways social media is a great way to begin to understand the laws of cause and effect. I am definitely looking at it differently. As this week goes on be mindful about what you are looking at on your phone. What are lending energy to? What is the intention behind the intention of your words ( not a typing error )? See if thinking this way changes what you say and who you say it to, it has for me.



As always I am grateful for you reading this and I invite you keep the conversation going either on this blog or wherever you feel drawn!



Big love



Ryan James x

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