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Hello loves,



Well here I am fresh brained and ready to get back to work after a week away. It's been amazing to fully unwind and let my mind sink into the world around me for a little bit but, as always, if I spend too much time away from my work it starts to creep into my day to day. Psychic energy is not benign. Much like creativity if it goes unused it starts to spread out into all other areas of your life. If I haven't done readings in a while I stop sleeping properly and I start to pick up on random stuff. Dream sharing is a common thing for me during times off. I normally share Stuarts dreams ( Yes I literally have the same dreams as him ) but I have been known at points to pick up on neighbours and close friends. Thankfully though I am back and ready to exercize that part of my brain again with another full week of readings.



I love to bookend my day with a small spiritual practice. I love burning incense or sage. Most nights I light a candle before bed. I see it as a place to connect with myself and to set an intention to invite joy into my life. With more free time this last week I've been delighted to reconnect with that practice on a deeper level. Like most people I can switch into a space of mindless repetition. I truly think that habit is a super power but having an awareness to see around it is also useful.


January is always a tricky month. First you spend time getting over the festive season and because I always take a week off at the end, putting in a new routine never really takes full effect until February although, my dedication this year to creating a better relationship with my body has gotten off to a great start. I've lost 12lbs already and more importantly I feel fitter, stronger and through calorie counting I've stopped mindlessly eating. Just being aware of what I put in my body on a day to day basis through logging it on an app is helping me. My other goals, not so much. Writing has completely stopped as has the picture book. I gave myself a small “daily draw” challenge and instead of seeing it as a warm up I threw WAY too much time and energy at it at the expense of everything else I wanted to do. I am talking about it here so that I can remain accountable to myself. A personal trainer is keeping me accountable on my physical goals but I'm having trouble finding a creative equivalent! Any ideas?



I do think this last month I noticed I indulged in a small element of self saboutage to my goals. The momentum of who I was is still actively manifesting in my life on my journey to who I am becoming. I have to grow who I was into who I am now and fear is the labour pain of that transition. I was talking about this with Stu earlier, just because I have made a decision to create a better, and by better I mean more mindful, authentic and emotionally present, life for myself doesn't mean that some of the fear based energy that's been lingering for a while still isn't bringing it's own momentum.



I am focused on growth and as one month ends and another begins it's a perfect time to reaffirm and keep myself in check. I offer this out to you too. If you've already gone off course, don't worry, you have a whole new month to play with the theme of the year you want to have. I do have very physical goals that I want to achieve, books published, fitter body, more authentic art practice etc but, what I am more focused on is the person I need to grow into so that all of those things can be created. I am actively participating in creating an elevated version of myself. That's the real goal.



Keep moving forward,



I love you, really.



Big Love,



Ryan James x







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