Reminder to smudge!


I light the candles, get the incense going and get myself all comfy in my big blue chair. I put my prayer beads in my lap and then I close my eyes. The room gets quieter with each breath I take and then the process begins. The quiet chatter that surrounds me every day starts to get louder. I sink deeper into my meditation practice and the white noise of sound starts to get more focused. I can pick up voices out of the din as spirits seem to “gather” around me. I know they're not gathering really, they're always there it's just that I've made myself more sensitive to them. I feel a weird shift in my perception and all of a sudden I am reminded of a truth. I see the world as the illusion it was designed to be. The walls of my readings room feel like pieces of paper and more and more spiritual energy gathers. My nanna always turns up as do both my great grandmothers, sometimes my Bampa and sometimes an old friend. They form a sort of barrier for me so that I don't get too overwhelmed by the process. Then clients arrive, I pass on whatever I'm told. I energetically absorb an imprint of near enough everything I experience during the readings and then at the end of the day I have to shed it all off. I often get asked if it's tiring and to be honest, yes it is. Psychically I can keep going and going but the emotional fatigue is a whole other ball game.



What my gift/talent whatever you want to label it as gives me the ability to do is translate the information that comes in. Like I say in my readings I am nothing but a telephone with a beard! But that energy is around ALL of us every day. We all feel it, we all experience it we just don't all have the capacity to language it. Still an awareness that your energy field is picking up on things all of the time is still necessary, even if you're not entirely sure what you're picking up. This is why, psychic or not it's always a good idea to keep your space energetically clear with a good smudging or crystal cleansing every now and again. This is why sometimes you can get exhausted for no reason during times of planetary upheaval ( like right now ). Your energy, even if you don't feel it all that deeply still needs maintaining. Not doing so can start to generate certain feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, over thinking, unexplained sadness and any other expression of human emotion that is centred around just being frazzled! Keep yourself, your environment and your intentions as aligned with the light as you can and you won't go too far wrong.



We are often more sensitive to the changes of planetary and cultural energies than we would like to think. The human race is not just one species, not to put too fine a point on it but technically we are all one soul, spread out across 7 billion people ( actually way more than that but that's a whole other blog ). Everything is interconnected. What happens in the world DOES happen to you on some level but that's also why what you do happens to other people too. We are all wardens of the energy we encounter it's just up to you whether you approach that energy with dignity and understanding. We all feel the energy of the spirits we encounter, those that inhabit bodies or otherwise. So if you can't put a finger on why you've been in a funk then maybe the answer is a little more outside the box than you were thinking. Get yourself a good spiritual practice and that can often be the platform you need to start recognising what's coming from where. Make a start today on your practice. Whatever you choose make it daily and use it as an invitation to inner silence.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



P.S. What have you been sensing lately?

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