Slowing things down.


 Over the last few months I have been making an active choice to go slow. Running my business is tiring. Doing what I do is tiring. Also with the 101 other activities that I refuse to give up on the side, my art, my music, my writing, it's so easy to slip into burnout. I figured out a long time ago that I am just a happier human being when I have a goal to work towards, no matter how small. It's also tricky to keep myself on the right path because I love being and feeling productive. I love ticking off a list or having lot's to do but it's just so easy to hit that place where I am wandering around like a machine feeling way too disconnected for my own liking. I know some of you feel or have felt like this and with us living in a society that exhaults work ethic above self care I think it's time we amended our habits. If I really out my mind to it I could probably do 10 readings in a day, in fact, that was normal for me in my 20's at one point. Of course the momentum and energy of my 20's helped, my readings were also shorter and less in depth and I would burn out roughly every 9 months. But, I could do it and I could probably do it now, excpet now I am too aware of what it would cost me to even attempt it.



Whilst evolving my business one of the first things I did was work out how many readings I could do a week to the best of my ability and still maintain a balance. It was about quality not quantity. The boundary for me is to create an environment where I can do my best work and nurture my soul at the same time. As I grow what I need changes. Recently I've stopped going out to people's houses to do readings, I've found that navigating the energies of people's homes is always a little too intense and I don't thrive. I know I could proably make more money if I did shows and entertainment and all that other stuff that mediums do but it's just never felt right for me. I prefer just sitting with people and connecting, the kind of work that I do is better suited for an intimite environment. Looking back on my business growth it seems that each time I take a step forward it actually helps me to slow the pace of which I do things down. I take my time. I savour the moments of my day. It helps me to be more present and more intuitively connected.



Bigger and better doesn't always mean busier. Being a success in any capacity doesn't mean having a million things to do each day. You can live the life you want and not kill yourself to get there. Actually slowing things down, taking the time to enjoy the pace of your day connects you more to your spirit. You hear your invitation more clearly. The more I impliment this into all areas of my life the more I just enjoy where I am and what I am doing. There is a “slow” movement happening in america which I read about recently which I loved the idea of but I'm just not sure how practical the whole thing is with the way I live my life. I'm not saying go find a tent and live a life without any concept of time ( I'm also not telling you not to ) but maybe it will help you to find spaces in your life to take things more slowly. To be more connected. Take time off your device and let your mind wander a bit. Take the pressure off yourself and move into a space where you are aware of where you are. See the room you are in. Connect to the people you are surrounded by, take your headphones out and listen to the world for a bit, it just might be saying something to you!



Thank you for reading!



Have a great week!



Big love,



Ryan James x

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