Taking a day.


So I crawl out of bed and look out over the sea and I watch the glitter of light across the waves I begin to feel deeply grateful for the life I have in front of me. My amazing husband to be, my dog, my job, my house, my health, my family, all of it feels like it's in the right place. The day is of my own choosing and I am deciding whether to paint or whether to make some music. There are no clients to read that day but still I get a gut feeling, which is telling me basically to take a day. So that's what I do. I allow myself a completely, guilt free, unproductive day where I basically plant my bum in front of the telly, eat crap food and do nothing. The next day I get up and carry on as normal. I used to need an “excuse” to take a day. If I had a whole day in front of me it felt like a complete waste just to sit there and do nothing with it plus, the whole self help world is geared towards fetishising productivity and because I'm a complete Virgo I relish in that! So it's taken me a while to get to a place where just following that particular prompt is done without too much grumbling. Of course there are days when I try to fight against it and that's when my intuitive centres have to work a little harder to get me to sit down.



With a beautiful day ahead of us today we all have a wonderful excuse to do nothing. To soak up the sun and just “be”. It really is important to take some time when you feel the urge to because you never know what you are being prepared for. You may need a little extra rest, maybe your intuition is trying to get a message to you and you need to sit down to let it come or maybe, just maybe, you are so focussed on the story of your life that you are actually missing it. Do you take time to marvel at the clouds and the trees? Do you like to sit in cafe's and people watch and fall into the space of wonder at how complex and beautiful this planet is? We are life, experiencing life. The Universe of our bodies playing with the idea of the Universe around our bodies. How awesome is that?! This morning I took Oscar out for his walk before the heat kicked in ( which is why this blog is a little late ) and I just spent a little bit of time watching the trees. I think a day spent falling in love with trees is probably the most productive thing you can do. I know I sound like a complete hippie when I say this but trees are wonderful teachers and I love being around them. For me they are reminders that as we look out into the world that the world is also looking back.



There are days when we are called to do a lot or when the urge to take a day can't be honoured at that particualr point. I get it. I really do but the second that thought strikes you make a point to put it on your calendar. Make a point to create some time for you to wander this planet. I see so many kids these days going on “adventures” simply to create pictures for their social media feed. They've forgotten to enjoy the moment. They've forgotten that as many wonderful pictures that you can create they will never replace an awesome memory. So if you are reading this then maybe this is the Universe speaking to you, through me. Giving you the intuitive hit to take some time out to enjoy the planet around you. Remind yourself what you fight for every day. Remind yourself of the beauty that is intrinsic to our being. That is what will replenish you. So many people will give you an invitation to fear on a daily basis. Use wonder and joy as your sword and shield. Don't ignore the troubles of the world, or the troubles of your life but do recognise that you are bigger and brighter than them and that, deserves a day.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x





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