The Sacred moments.


It's a pregnant pause that fills the house as the chatter of the spirits begins to die down and on so many levels my home feels completely different. The place feels kind of like a church. But it's what a church feels like after a choir has sung in it. Energy lingers in the air intent-fully and it rests over everything. It's the Universe, it's God, it's the Angels, it's the unknowable omega life force that is the essence of who we are... and then I let the dog out for a wee. There is a moment that happens when clients leave my home that I have come to cherish. This sacred time where life just get's back to itself is like an inhale of breath. I wander around the house, blow out the candles, take a moment to thank the spirits for showing up and guiding me and sometimes I collect my favourite moments of the day. I've said many times I love that little light that goes on in someone's eyes when they realize psychic's are real. It's like a validation or an affirmation for some people. Personally I like to just sit back and let the spirits work through me and I marvel as I watch them point you in the direction you need to go in. It's awesome to be a part of sometimes and I treat it as sacred, because to me it is.



With the weather as lovely as it's been I also like going for a quick stroll after my work just to get my body moving and into the world again. This is the space where I have been getting my writing ideas lately. I try to leave my phone on silent and I take a small writing pad with me and as I unwind snippets of the world fit back into place inside my head. It's like each time I do my readings some part of me is opened up and when it's put back together again there's something new inside me. Today I thought about balance. It's become a word that assaults people on a daily basis. I do believe in balance but I think we have mistaken it for a juggling act or pizza slicing our lives up. To me balance is just the active space of authenticity. If you take time to regularly check in with yourself during the day and ask yourself, “Is what I'm doing honest?” and you can answer “Yes!” then that's all you can hope for. Everything on the physical plane is fluid. It's always in motion so your idea of what looks balanced today might change totally tomorrow. Actually it will change, often does change and should change to keep you moving forward.



I think that each time we go through anything within our lives a form of this happens. When we heal it's never just about putting the pieces back together again. There is always something new inside of us that wasn't there before when we move forward. Each time my life has completely tanked I have woken up on the other side not just a different version of myself but with access to new gifts. It's like the honest, balanced part of me has a slightly new flavour. This I think is part and parcel of the nucleus of our evolution. What I experience after my readings in a miniscule version of that. Like a file that has been downloaded into my brain when I wasn't looking. After huge up heavels it's more like I've had a brand new hard drive installed! This sacred energy that lingers after my readings always reminds me to honour that co creative relationship with the Universe. It reminds me that my mind is still full of golden gems that I have yet to discover and new ones are being left in there all the time. I know so many of you can relate to this. Looking back at your life it can sometimes feel like you're looking at a different person living it! I wonder how I will have grown in another 10 years! How about you? What hidden gems do you think are rolling around your spirit?



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x



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