The Universe has no gaps in it.


 To think of the Universe as conscious entity can boggle the mind if you spend too much time on it. To know that this aware entity is the very thing we live inside of, are built out of, not only that but it is the force that lives us can feel a little overwhelming, especially on a Monday morning but bear with me. It's like us being aware of every blood cell, every strand of hair, every molecule of oxygen inside our own bodies. Not only is the world around us alive and conscious but it has within it a sort of design. A plan that I've always found to be more of a piece of art in progress. Not progress as in a sense of being incomplete but a painting that is continually repainting itself for the purpose of expressing and feeling what it would be like to paint itself. Take some time to chew on that last sentence, I've already re read it three times. This Universe has no gaps in it, there is no place that is not created from the giant tapestry that feels like falling in love. So if everything is built on love then that means you already live in a state of completion. That everything around you is eternal. It means that nothing is ever really taken away from you or for that matter ever really given to you. You are a warden of your experiences.



So as we start this week together (some of you have a day off because of bank holiday) we are on the cusp of some major shifts both culturally and globally. We have all experienced loss, some of us more personally than others but I want you to know that the Universe really does have your back. Even in the midst of your pain, even if it feels like the tides of the ocean are going against you nothing has been ripped from you because as I said, nothing has ever really been given. You get the joy of experiencing life. The life within your own body and to wonder at the world through the looking glass as other spirits inhabiting bodies bounce around this planet with you. We are a fascinating bunch! Sometimes the week ahead can feel daunting, especially if we are in jobs that we don't like or relationships that are collapsing or even if we are on the cusp of a major life cascade but to know, to understand that there is something behind it can really take the edge off. To know that what is falling apart can be what falls into place is something I have always had great comfort from.



The Universe talks to us all day. It is in constant communication with who you really are in relation to everything around you. So what do you think it is saying to you today? It may be encouraging you to hang on for a bit longer or to let go and let it take over. I don't think there is ever one hard and fast rule when it comes to communicating with the Universe. There have been times when I have been told to completely surrender my life and put it in her hands so she can sort it out and there are times when she has told me to figure it out myself. Either way she is always there for a good natter and to help me find the tiny little nugget of wonder at the heart of whatever is going on. So whatever you are facing this week know, truly KNOW that there is a whole Universe with you, working for you, working around you, in front of you and in all the tiny places you haven't seen yet. Do everything you can not to take what is in front of you too seriously. Let gratitude and sillyness be your sword and shield and listen, don't forget to listen.



Thank you for reading,



Big Love,



Ryan James x


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