Time for pause.


And the retrograde is over! Besides a few days of residual effects everything shall return to it's normal soon enough. So what did we learn this time around? What did you let go of? What did you learn to welcome? As the mental confusion lifts a better amount of clarity will come to the surface along with a desire to figure it all out. I felt this retrograde deeply. I know that I go on about them but I figured out years ago that these particular planetary shifts seem to have a big effect on me and unsurprisingly also affecting those who are on a similar path. This week is all about journalling for me and figuring out what has shifted. I know on a deep level I am different. Like a jig saw that has been pulled apart and put back together again, only I feel like I've been put back together with a few extra pieces in there somewhere. The shifts have been subtle but I know that's only the beginning. This is now the fun part of what retrograde brings, the cleansing is over and now it's time to see what grows in it's place. What's true is that nothing will be quite the same for any of us.



I plan to recommit to my yoga practice and journalling practice over the next few weeks to ensure that my mental well being is taken care of. I know that there is a lot of talk in our culture right now about mental health and I advise that you listen to every little bit of it. Mental health, like physical health is something that needs to be cultivated. You can't just go to the gym once and expect to lose 3 stone. The same as you can't do self care once a month and expect to feel amazing. You have to do a little bit every day. Some of you who suffer with mental illness have a tougher road to follow and the daily commitment to self care may be all you have some days. Either way, keep trying. If you didn't look after yourself too well today, start again tomorrow. All of us live busy lives and carving out time for yourself is becoming increasingly tough so why not boil it down to just dedicating yourself to making a start. What is the one thing you can do for your mental health? For me, right now, it's yoga. Just 15 to 20 minutes a day, at the end of my day helps me, so that's where I'm starting.



If I were to sit down and list all the things I'd like to do for my self care routine then I'd stress myself out in trying to do them. Kind of the opposite of what I'm trying to achieve right? So why not just choose one? Maybe for you it's running, maybe it's reading a book in a coffee shop on your lunch break, maybe it's going to bed earlier? Whatever it is choose something this week and follow through. You won't get it right every day, you may even miss a few days but like I said, you can always start again tomorrow. We've all just been through a big energetic shift and whilst I don't want to create drama around what's happened I also don't want to undermine the changes we have all just faced within ourselves, even if we can't label what they are at the moment. Right now, and I would say for the next month or so it's a good time to reflect. So much change is coming, politically, economically, culturally that we need to reaffirm our relationship to our sense of dignity and to where we stand within who we really are. The energy that we just passed through will manifest soon, so let's choose to focus on our growth.



Thank you for reading,



Have a great week,



Big Love,



Ryan James x





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