To begin healing.


Healing your physical body is a holistic process. One that unfortunately has for a long time been over looked but, thanks to the internet, a mass sharing of information has begun and I can see now that people are starting to look at deeper and deeper levels for healing. Most of us were raised with the idea that our bodies are big slabs of meat that function in a hap hazard kind of way and when they get out of balance we take them to a doctor who gives us medicine and then we are O.K. Sometimes that model of healing works but sometimes it doesn't. For true healing to really begin we need to find out the roots and causes of our illness'. We also need a deeply pervasive healing practice that encompasses all parts of our lives. When you have made the choice to heal, really heal, then you must be willing to go to deep levels. It starts with the basics, diet and exercise which for most people is the stumbling block. You'd be surprised how many people barter, argue and refuse to do the simplest thing to help themselves. I've seen lung cancer patients continue to smoke and diabetics who have had limbs taken off still eat absolute crap. You can't put jelly in a car and expect it to run and you can't just dump calories in your body and expect it to be healthy. Food is information. Think of the chemicals and nutrients you are putting in your body. Don't get me wrong I'm not a complete health nut, I like a cake as much as the next person but I eat it in moderation. A plant based, organic diet gives your body what it needs to function and with exercise I employ the philosophy of little and often. Cardio 3 times a week and some yoga is plenty for me.



The next level of healing is on the emotional energetic level. Stress, whether it is conscious or habitual plays havoc in the body. Adrenal stress and immune deficiency happen when we jump from one chaotic life space to another. Loving yourself is not just something that is light and fluffy, it's freeing yourself from physical toxins in your system. Of course there are genetic predispositions. My family has weakness' in the brain that cause strokes, epilepsy and alzheimers. Because I am aware of this I make sure I take care of my brain. I take turmeric daily as an anti inflammatory and I read that it was a good preventative for a lot of brain conditions. If you have heart conditions in your family then it would be advisable to keep an eye on saturated fats in your diet. Forewarned is forearmed. Your well being is something that is cultivated. Why is it that so many people know this and don't act on it? Most of what I am saying is common knowledge these days yet on a national level we are sicker than ever. I don't think it's just habit. I think it's because we are still finding the emotional tools within ourselves to feelw orthy of our own health. It's like we don't feel like we deserve a thriving body. When we learn to love who we are and free ourselves of overt stress and all of it's often brutal expressions we can begin to find real contentment within ourselves.



Another very deep level of healing and one that I like to work on is sadly the most ignored. The spiritual. Nothing exists without purpose and finding that I believe is crucial to understanding what is out of alignment if indeed anything is. I have witnessed illness' manifest to protect people from something worse further down the road. I have witnessed illness' manifest as an indicator that someone is leaving the planet. I have seen illness' manifest to teach someone compassion. I have also seen illness manifest in the body to enlighten the person affected. It's not always a “negative” reason for your body being out of whack but like everything once the lesson is actualised it gives you a greater scope on what to do. I really could talk about this forever. My work as a medical intuitive takes me on many weird and wonderful journeys. The more I experience, the more I can discern what is actually happening in the human body and the reasons behind it. I love working this way, it's eye opening and it seems like the rabbit hole is never ending. If you are in a healing crisis right now take time to pray over some of what I have spoken about today. The physical, the emotional and the spiritual. Create that dialogue and enrich it as best you can to find the healing you seek.



Thank you,



Big Love,



Ryan James x





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