Turn your dream into a plan.


The heat laid itself heavy in the air of my bedroom this morning and as I got up I felt like I was walking through treacle. It seems no matter how many showers you take during this heat within seconds you are back to being sticky! You'd have thought my greek blood would have kicked in but no, I melt and become completely inactive. I've always been more of a winter or an autumn person. I love nothing more than curling up next to a fire as the bitter winds and listening to the rain lashing down on the streets outside. Candles during dark days and incense in a quiet house is perfect for me. Still, this heavy heat lends itself to kind of a perfect Sunday. I spend most of my Sundays planning, writing, organising and getting everything ready for the week ahead. I have a bullet journal, an ordinary journal and I spend time in meditation looking at the kinds of energies that are creating themselves in the week ahead. Even though I'm not always the best at reading for myself I do pick up energy shifts and I can feel a few that are manifesting for me. I'm not sure of what they are yet but I definitely feel like some room is being made in my life for something and I'm excited to see what it is.



I think planning your week ahead is the best thing to do to ensure that you make time for the things you want to do and the self care that keeps you centred. I put everything on my list and try to put it in the order I think I am going to be able to do it in. Everything from morning routines, cardio, of course my business obligations, my creative business and I also do what I can to schedule hobbies and down time. If it goes on my list I aim to do it. I also have an addendum on my list that states that I am allowed to throw the whole thing away, change everything if I need to if my self care demands it. I know that I have that freedom and I really don't take it for granted. I don't have children or a large family that's predominantly in my life so I get to relax when I choose and I'm careful to try and not sound like I am making these statements on a whim. This is just what works for me. I think that a dream stays a dream until it has a plan. My dreams right now include making as much art as I can fit in around my schedule and recommitting to my writing. The art is working out well, the writing not so much. I feel like I am working up the headspace of getting my books done but something is not quite in sync yet. Maybe that's the thing that I am making room for, inspiration?



If you are like me, getting something down on paper makes it more real. I can look at it objectively and make small changes where I need to. This is why I journal. Once my thoughts are in front of me I can sometimes see more clearly what I am thinking. That's why my Sundays are so important for me, I need that time with my thoughts. I know not all of you get a whole day, but sometimes an hour to sit and write, create, doodle and PLAN can be enough to get your energy engaged with the Universe in a whole new way. Sometimes I just write lists of my ideas, sometimes I write lists of places that I want to visit, things I want to do with Stu and once it's written I can gage how much I actually want to do it and my rule of thumbs is that if I love it then I have to move towards it. At the end of each day I also take some time with a cuppa to review my lists, to see what I got done, to see where I was maybe pushing myself too far and to maybe see where I wasn't pushing myself hard enough. Sometimes the Universe helps you by giving you a kick up the bum, sometimes it helps you by stopping you in your tracks either way turning one of your dreams into a plan is a wonderful way to engage. Try it for 3 months and see if it helps.



Have a great week,



Big Love,



Ryan James x




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