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I've been feeling the call of my old practices again lately. It seems that this latest expression of who I am becoming is also including picking up pieces of who I was. As always the Universe asks you to look over your shoulder before you move forward. My connection to the earth and planet consciousness was always something I found incredibly enriching as a young person. Just knowing that as I look into the world that it is looking back was something that helped me feel like I was a part of something bigger than myself. When, through meditations, personal rituals and a little internal alchemy I found I could align myself with this energy and awaken to it I discovered that it could change a lot for me. In broader terms it was an introduction into manifestation. The short hand would be to understand that planet earth is it's own consciousness.



I do really believe that the earth has it's own awareness and it's own magic. Part of that magic is gifted to everything that exists within it and on it, including us. That magic allows you to align with the love that is the nucleus of all creation. The thing about your own magic, and we all have some, is that it is like a river flowing through you. You can't change the course of the river, you can only surrender to your own personal power. See that little nugget of magic like a key to open a door into the Universe by opening a door to your inner universe. For me it's a deeper and richer understanding of how deeply your internal world and your external one are the same.

Now, I'm not about to go sign up to Hogwarts or anything but I am working on my personal transformations in a different way. I am reconnecting with my internal landscape in a more symbolic and creative way. It's like using the creative canvas of my mind for intentional, intersectional healing between aspects of myself that are treated as if they are complete people.



I know that sounds a little crazy and well, probably a little heavy for a Monday morning but it's been helping so why not! It may sound as if I am advocating a willing type of multiple personality disorder but I think of it more like a multiple personality meditation. Give a name, an actual name to an aspect of who you are. Maybe your inner saboteur, your victim self, your fearful self and make the name whatever you want it to be. It can be as serious or as ridiculous as you want it to be. I acknowledge that it is a sacred practice for me but that doesn't mean that it can't be a fun one too. It's renewed a small passion for looking under the hood and seeing what's lurking in the corners of my mind and to top it off it feels like a refreshed and creative approach to a richer inner dialogue.



Now I know I already hear enough voices and this isn't just another way for me to listen in on more but I've found that playing in this area, with identity, persona, that it has helped me become more enriched. Try this in meditation, try it in your journals, try it in your own rituals. The method isn't that important, the symbols of what you do within it are. Sometimes using your mind in this way can help you claim something you didn't know needed to be claimed. This is a method you can use to actualize something within your mind that may be acting undefinable. I've only recently connected with this again and it's starting to change how I view my own internal work. It's helping me to embody the energies of the things I am creating and I am feeling wonderful.



For instance, what would you name the most magical aspect of yourself? How would they walk? How would they talk? What thoughts would they think? Be playful and light about it. Treat it like a guided meditation and see what crops up! Unfortunately my magic is nothing to do with wands, magic schools and there's not a sorting hat in sight. It's just another lens through which I get to play with and express love. What is your magic?



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