What is your magic?


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I've been feeling the call of my old practices again lately. It seems that this latest expression of who I am becoming is also including picking up pieces of who I was. As always the Universe asks you…

Breathe in... and let's go.


Hello loves,



Here we go head first into another year and I have to say I feel excited, connected, eager, a little anxious but as always filled with the love and compassion that the last year taught me. I am

Breaking up with my own sadness.


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As we swing into another mercury retrograde it seems like the perfect time for us to have a little chat about pain bodies. I spoke about them a little while ago in my mailing list and I talked…

Is competition a serial killer?


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As I sit here with the rain lashing at my windows and Oscar snoozing next to me my mind is drifting over ideas of inspiration. I sometimes feel like I am haunted by it. Idea after idea floods…

What you already know.

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The moon pierced the windows of my hotel room and Stuart was attempting to snore next to me. I wasn't tired, after a long day of being sat by the pool, sipping cocktails and eating whatever I wanted…

A call to center.


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Ideas are a part of the foundation of who and what we are. Life itself is said to be an idea in the mind of God. We are living dreams playing at the idea of being dreamers too…

Choose your superpower.


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I haven't written a blog in a few weeks. I've just been taking the time to realign my energy and put myself back in sync. I've not been down or depressed or anything and I'm not depleted either…

The power we often overlook.


The galloping breeze washed over my body as the heat lay thick in the air. The dull ache in my arms and chest from sweating, being uncomfortable and not sleeping seemed to have it's own rhythm and each beat of…

Get yourself ready.


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In the next ten days a mercury retrograde comes back into our lives and we sink head first into another healing phaze. Now at the end of this week I will be officially on holidays so I wont

Turn your dream into a plan.


The heat laid itself heavy in the air of my bedroom this morning and as I got up I felt like I was walking through treacle. It seems no matter how many showers you take during this heat within seconds…

Add this to your day.


Written into everything we are is the language of our soul. It isn't verbal and yet it is also in every word we speak. Intuition is often written off as something small and insignificant right up until the moment it…

Been feeling a little aimless? Here's why.


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I totally get it. You get up, run through your morning routine, get the family ready and before you know it you're either in work running around or up to your eyeballs in house work. This is pretty…

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